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Brooke Releases First Single "Summer Love Song"

Posted By kim_messina 4:10pm GMT

Brooke Releases First Single Summer Love Song

Talk about a triple threat! On Season 2, Episode 15, "Dance Moms" star Brooke Hyland showed off her singing chops during a vocal lesson. And now, the dancer has released her first single, "Summer Love Song." Take a listen:

"Summer Love Song" is quickly climbing the iTunes singles chart. "Thank you everyone for getting my song to #19 on Itunes... I love you guys!" Brooke tweeted just hours after the single was released. Click here download the tune.

What do you think of Brooke's single "Summer Love Song"? Should Brooke release more songs?


Maddie Shines in Music Video for "Cry"

Posted By kim_messina 4:15pm GMT

Dance Moms' Maddie Cry Music Videot

Once upon a time in Season 1, Episode 4, Maddie and her mom Melissa got a lot of flack from the other moms for Maddie performing two solos in one competition. One of her solos, "Cry," earned her the title of Top Advanced Mini-soloist and check for $75. But the accolades didn't stop there. Maddie went on to join forces with "Cry" singer Alexx Calise to bring her number back to life in the official music video for the song. Watch the video below:

Remember, Maddie's not the only "Dance Moms" star to appear in a music video. In Season 1, Episode 12, all the dancers (with Chloe as the lead!) got their groove on in Lux's "Like It's Summer" video.

Stay tuned here on the blog and to the official "Dance Moms" Facebook and Twitter for up to the minute news! And remember, "Dance Moms" comes back in June!

What do you think of Maddie's performance in "Cry"? If you could cast one of the dancers in a music video, which band or singer would you pair the dancer with?