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Chloe Vs. Kendall: Which Queen of Hearts Dance Routine Was Your Fave?

Posted By LisaRaphael 3:00pm GMT

Dance Moms On the Season 2 Spring Finale of "Dance Moms," Chloe and Kendall battled it out for Dancing Queen (of Hearts, that is), when they both showed up at Starbound with similarly-themed solos. Stream both girls' songs below and vote for your favorite routine!

Chloe's Spring Finale Solo Song: "Red Queen"
Kendall's Spring Finale Solo Song: "Queen of Hearts"


Season 2 Spring Finale Song List

Posted By babu 10:57am GMT

Dance Moms Spring Finale Dance RoutinesThe "Dance Moms" Season 2 Spring Finale saw dueling queen routines, a group dance behind bars and one solo stopped short. We've got all of the song information (plus select streams for some of the tunes!) for the "Dance Moms" Season 2 Spring Finale below!