Get to know instructors Victor and Angel, the dancers of Stars Studio and the Miami Dance Moms:
Victor Smalley and Angel Armas

Victor and Angel

Head Instructors, Stars Dance Studio

In 2007, Victor Smalley and Angel Armas opened Stars Dance Studio in Miami. From the start the team upholds their motto, “Turning Kids into Dancers and Dancers into Stars.” The Stars studio continues to be an award-winning studio and they are proud to be known as a “home away from home” to their dancers, offering a wide range of classes in a state-of-the-art facility.

Dance Moms: Miami Abby and Sammy


Sammy's Mom

Abby is a stay-at-home mother of four. She never studied dance herself; it was Sammy’s older sister who first took dance classes as a young child which led Sammy on the path to dance. Abby and Sammy live about an hour north of Miami and commute to Stars Dance Studio, as Abby says Stars is “known for making winners.” To Abby, the most important thing in her life is spending time with her family, although she admits her husband hates how much time and money she spends on dance.

Dance Mom Brigette


Lucas's Mom

Brigette danced since the age of three and throughout high school. Now the working mother of three boys, Brigette has two of her sons enrolled at Stars Dance Studios. She believes that the Stars Dance Studio’s competition team is a generation of “future dancers." Brigette notes, “When you combine this group and vibe with their coaches and their unique choreography, it brings artistry to the dance world that has never been seen before.”

Dance Moms Miami Susan and Jessi


Jessi's Mom

Susan comes from a family with deep roots in the art of dance. Her mother was a professional dancer for the National Ballet Company of Colombia and while growing up she danced under her mother’s direction for several years. Susan is the mother of two, with her only daughter Jessi currently enrolled at Stars Dance Studio.

Dance Moms Miami Debi and Hannah


Hannah's Mom

Considering herself a “typical New Yorker” originally from the East Coast, Debi never took a dance class herself but loves to support the arts and puts a high value on raising creative children. A working business owner and mother of four, two of her daughters have been enrolled in Stars Dance Studio, Debi loves the diversity of Miami and feels the area brings a cutting edge flare to the dance culture, ultimately bringing the art to the next level.

Dance Moms Miami Ani and Kimmy


Kimmy's Mom

Ani is a working mother of two daughters and has never taken a dance class herself! Only her daughter Kimmy, who from a very young age asked for ballet shoes and a tutu, attends Stars Dance Studio. A resident of Miami and raised in the Hispanic culture, Ani believes Miami’s beauty is insurmountable primarily because of the diversity in people and cultures.

Dance Moms Miami Mayra


Victor's Mom

In 2007, along with her son Victor and his longtime friend Angel, Mayra helped open Stars Dance Studio. Although she has taught hundreds of students over the years, at Stars Dance Studio she no longer teaches, but holds the official titles of “Studio Director,” “Office Manager,” and “Makeup Artist” for the dancers.