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About Cook Yourself Thin

Do you want to have your cake and eat it too? "Cook Yourself Thin," offers viewers the skills and the confidence to give their favorite indulgent meals a healthy makeover by cutting the calories and doubling the flavor!

Based on the successful British series and popular "Cook Yourself Thin" cookbook, culinary experts Harry Eastwood, Allison Fishman and Candice Kumai show guests how to lose their unwanted inches by replacing extreme dieting with clever cooking. Each "Cook Yourself Thin" episode follows one guest as she learns simple ways to transform her favorite high-calorie... Learn More >>>

Recipes From the Show

Whether you're looking for healthy desserts, easy dinners or scrumptious snacks and sides, you'll find them here! View "Cook Yourself Thin" recipes as seen on the show.

Test Your Calorie IQ

Do you know which of your fave breakfast items is the best for you? How about which candy bar has the least calories? Test your calorie IQ and more with these food and health quizzes.

Watch Video Extras

After learning the tricks of the trade, did these ladies keep the weight off? Get their progress updates, and watch bonus recipes and cooking tips with "Cook Yourself Thin" Video Extras now.

Is Your Lifestyle Fat or Skinny?

You diet. You exercise. And no results. Unfortunately, some lifestyle decisions are a recipe for obesity. Take our quiz and find out whether your lifestyle is fat or skinny.

Save Money on Healthy Food

Don't let the stress of rising food prices raise the number on your scale! Get ten tips for buying cheap healthy foods from dietitian Dawn Jackson Blatner.

Good-for-You Diet Foods

The nation's most prestigious doctors offer their top picks for the most wholesome foods for weight loss. Use one in your favorite "Cook Yourself Thin" recipe tonight!