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You Know Your Husband is Deployed When...

"Have you ever wondered how life might change when your spouse is deployed? If you did, then this list of small observances during “deployment home life” might give you an idea." Read this coming home story.

The Untold Rules for Military Goodbyes

"They never tell you that you not only marry the military when you marry your spouse, that you become bonded in an unspeakable way to all the friends you make through the military, too. They become brothers and sisters you never knew you had you can't ever live without." Read this coming home story.

Making The Deployment Process Easier: Q&A With a Real Army Wife

"Watching your spouse walk away to go to a combat zone is the most heart wrenching and stressful moment that one can endure. Although this is the case, there are many ways to stay calm and keep your nerves at ease during this tough time." Read this coming home story.

Real Advice for Military Spouses

"What advice do you have for other moms, wives and girlfriends whose loved ones are deploying? Before your spouse leaves on deployment I highly recommend doing the following..." Read this coming home story.

Suggestions for Welcoming Your Soldier Home

"Welcoming a soldier home from deployment can bring on a ton of emotions. The most important element of the homecoming is ensuring the soldier is comfortable by making things as normal as possible. Here are some suggestions for welcoming your soldier home." Read this coming home story.

Pregnant and Deployed

"He’s been gone almost a month; training somewhere, again. Warming yet another heat pack in the microwave and preparing my injections for the day I gaze out the kitchen window, contemplating. We had wanted another baby for so long. I’m trying not to feel defeated. Not yet. IVF will work. I hope." Read this coming home story.

Ideas for Deployment Pregnancies

"I thought I would share some of the things that DH and I have done and some other ideas we’ve used to stay close through the pregnancy though we are separated by thousands of miles. There are lots of great sites for soldiers to stay in touch with their children, but few that I have found that talk about pregnancy." Read this coming home story.

Preparing for a Baby & Deployment While Living In Germany.

"We were stationed in Schweinfurt, Germany, in Northern Bavaria. It was our first assignment after flight school in Ft. Rucker, AL, and we were so excited to be back in Germany where we had met only 18 months prior. We were young and in love, and all we cared about was being together. Coming back to Germany was supposed to be our three-year-honeymoon, and we had big plans to travel around Europe. Two months later we got some news that changed our plans." Read this coming home story.

When Coming Home is not a Homecoming

"'Intact.' We use it when 'things' are 'not broken,' when they are still 'working.' And we use it sometimes to gloss over the hidden fissures…the cracks that deepen under stress and strain." Read this coming home story.