Check out some of our favorite "Chasing Nashville" photo galleries, including a sneak peek at Season 1.
Chasing Nashville Season 1Photos

Season 1 Pictures

Get a look at what's to come on Season 1.

Chasing Nashville Season 1 Gallery Photos

Season 1 Gallery Pictures

Check out gallery images of the singers and their families featured on "Chasing Nashville."

Chasing Nashville - Autumn Personal Photos

Autumn's Photo Album

Flip through photos of Autumn's life growing up in West Virginia.

Chasing Nashville - Helena Personal Photos

Helena's Photo Album

Helena and her beloved banjo go way back! Check out photos of the aspiring singer.

Chasing Nashville - Lauren Marie Personal Photos

Lauren Marie's Photo Album

From tiny tot to country singer, view childhood photos of Lauren Marie.

Chasing Nashville - Savannah Personal Photos

Savannah's Photo Album

Scan through pictures that Savannah's mom Robyn sent us exclusively!

Chasing Nashville - Julia Personal Photos

Julia's Photo Album

Get up close and personal with Julia.

Chasing Nashville - Celeste Personal Photos

Celeste's Photo Album

Take a look at the life of singer Celeste.

Chasing Nashville - Tyra Personal Photos

Tyra's Photo Album

Check out baby and childhood photos of Tyra.

Chasing Nashville - Singers Who Chased Nashville

Singers Who Chased Nashville

Flip through photos of country music stars who followed their dreams all the way to Nashville.