Originally from Texas, Lauren Marie's single mother puts everything behind her daughter’s dream while constantly reminding her that she may be related to the legendary Elvis Presley.

About Lauren Marie

When did you realize you wanted to be a country singer?
There was never really a point in my life where I said okay this is it, this is what I want to do. All my life, for as long as I can remember, I have loved and wanted to do it; almost like it was automatic.

Who is your favorite country artist?
My favorite country artist would probably be Blake Shelton. I just love how laid back he is and the emotion in his voice seems genuine and not forced.

What is your favorite song to perform?
My favorite song to perform would be the first original song I ever performed called "Big Enough To Dream." I feel like it tells my personal story and gives the audience a feel of what I've been through, which creates a connection.

What are your hobbies besides singing?
Besides singing, my hobbies include riding my horse, Jet, volunteering at Saddle Up Therapeutic Ranch where I help a little girl with Down Syndrome learn how to ride. I love to go mudding and play basketball, hang out with my friends and spend time with my family.

If you don't end up being a professional singer, what other job would you like to have?
I've been so focused on singing for so long, I haven't even thought about what else I would do. But I would love to save animals, so becoming a vet would be cool.

What has been your biggest obstacle while chasing your singing dreams?
The biggest obstacle so far is moving to Nashville and not being able to see my family or my little hometown. Since my dad has not been in my life much, my brother Brandon has been a big supporter and I miss him a lot! It is a lot of stress on a 13 year old doing all this but it is what I want to do without a doubt in my mind, so I know it will all be worth it someday!

What have you learned most from this experience?
From this experience, I have learned to be appreciative of all that I have been blessed with.

About Lauren Marie's Mom, Lana

What’s your current occupation?
I am a teacher and currently working on my masters in school counseling.

What inspired you to help Lauren Marie become involved in the music industry?
Lauren Marie has been singing since she was five. I remember when I would put her to bed at night, she would NOT stop singing. She had the melody in her heart at that early age. I also remember as she grew up when I would ask her questions she would sing the answer sometimes. I would even have to ground her to stop singing in the bed and go to sleep. Lauren even wrote a song at five that seemed to be the thoughts of a much older person, she wrote about her dad leaving. I still have it, for being five-years-old it was a very well put together, but sad song.

Do you sing or have ever wanted to be a singer?
I don't sing, but I would not mind having some lessons and singing a song one day with Lauren. I could never compare to Lauren she is an amazing and blessed singer. I would love to sing with both my children.

Does your family have a history with the music industry?
My family does not have a history with the music industry, but Lauren's dad's family all sing and they are kin to Glen Campbell.

Who is your favorite country singer and why?
My daughter because I think she sounds like an angel when she sings.

What do you think Lauren Marie is learning most about while being involved in singing?
Lauren Marie is learning how to appreciate what God has given her and to use her beautiful gift to bless others.

Would you call yourself a stage mom?
I don't think I am, but I have been told I am. I just try and help.

What are your aspirations for Lauren Marie?
I want Lauren Marie to become a very successful country music artist so that she can have a life of happiness doing what she loves to do. She is also going to help support St. Judes Hospital when she becomes successful. She had someone she knew die of brain cancer. The little girl was only 10. It broke Lauren's heart and she vowed then to help kids with cancer one day. Lauren currently volunteers at a ranch for disabled children and works with a little girl with Down syndrome.

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