From Kentucky, Julia is determined to make it in the music industry. She has been playing the guitar, writing her own songs and performing since she was just 12 years old.

About Julia

When did you realize you wanted to be a country singer?
I knew I wanted to be involved with music for the rest of my life shortly after I started playing guitar and writing songs. It really hit me after I played at a few small gigs and coffee shops. I knew right away there was something really special about getting to perform, regardless of how big the crowd was.

Who is your favorite country artist?
Over the years this answer has changed but, overall, Taylor Swift had a major impact on me when I first started getting into music and writing my own songs. I watched all sorts of videos about Taylor and was fascinated by her ability as a writer and her direct involvement in designing her shows.

What is your favorite song to perform?
This answer can change every few weeks for me. I really enjoy performing original songs and songs that engage the audience to sing along. I have played anything from an Elvis tune to "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley and "Price Tag" by Jesse J. These songs are fun for the audience, no matter how large or small the crowd is.

What are your hobbies besides singing?
Aside from singing and writing, I have been a contemporary dance major the past seven years at the local youth performing arts school, I play tennis and I love horses. I've owned my horse, Wildfire, since I was 11.

If you don't end up being a professional singer, what other job would you like to have?
If singing doesn't work out as my career, I will definitely be involved in the music industry. I will pursue writing or something else in the music business profession. I would love to attend Belmont College in Nashville.

What has been your biggest obstacle while chasing your singing dreams?
As an artist, my style is a little different than most of the singers I'm surrounded with. It's extremely difficult to just fit into one genre. Other than that, I've never had any trouble chasing my dreams. My parents have always been 100 percent supportive of me, which is awesome.

What have you learned most from this experience?
I have learned so much from this experience and I've mostly learned a ton about myself. This experience has confirmed I want to pursue music the rest of my life. I love getting to experience how a song directly impacts others; it's amazing! There are so many talented people trying to make it in this business and it will be a lot of hard work, but it's my dream and it will be worth it!

About Julia's Mom, Gina

What’s your current occupation?
Business development and financial analyst.

What inspired you to help Julia become involved in the music industry?
Julia became interested in guitar at the age of 11 and received her first guitar for her 12th birthday. She was a natural with the guitar and grew rapidly from playing and singing at her first guitar recital after six weeks; to playing at public events and coffee shops performing covers, writing her own songs; to playing her own shows. It became evident she was in love and passionate about the direction she needed to pursue. She has always had the personality, stage presence and ability to perform—she's a natural.

Do you sing or have ever wanted to be a singer?
No, I can carry a tune but I have no desire to sing in front of others...I would probably start laughing.

Who is your favorite country singer and why?
There are several artists I like but I like Rascal Flatts because their music is a different style with a fun/upbeat tempo that's good to sing along to. I admire Taylor Swift’s ability to cross genres, share her experiences through her writing and be a good role model for young teens.

What do you think Julia is learning most about while being involved in singing?
Julia's much more than a singer, she's an artist who not only performs but creates music. She has learned how to turn an idea into a song people can relate to. She recently started co-writing which is a new experience for her learning to collaborate with others and sharing ideas. She's learned discipline and hard work pay off.

Would you call yourself a stage mom?
I don't think of us as "stage parents." We both play a major support role in supporting Julia but in different ways. I manage paperwork, scheduling gigs, documenting and printing her music, co-manage her Facebook page, take pictures, edit videos, etc. Her dad helps make sure she has everything she needs for a show, everything from sound equipment to the guitar pics. Once she has what she needs we back out of the way and let her do it. We do offer suggestions at times, but she has to feel good about the change for it to be successful.

What are your aspirations for Julia?
My hope for Julia is that she continues to follow her dreams and turn them into reality. It's a blessing to be able to turn your passion into a career and do what you love every day. She has our full support whatever path she takes as long as she is happy. She is in a unique position to influence others in a positive way and she takes that very seriously.

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