From North Carolina, Helena lives in an actual log cabin and is known for her incredible music talent, including her prowess while playing the banjo.

About Helena

When did you realize you wanted to be a country singer?
I've always enjoyed singing from the time I was a little girl to the present.

Who is your favorite country artist?
Alison Krauss because she has a unique voice and has a bluegrass style.

What is your favorite song to perform?
"Up to the Mountain" by Patti Griffin because it's a beautiful song and it shows what I can do with my voice.

What are your hobbies besides singing?
During my free time, I enjoy playing my banjo and guitar, sculpting, drawing, playing tennis and spending time with my friends, family and farm animals.

If you don't end up being a professional singer, what other job would you like to have?
I would love to have a job as a wildlife biologist who studies and rehabilitates wild animals.

What has been your biggest obstacle while chasing your singing dreams?
Definitely deciding whether I really want to become a country singer or whether I want to stick with my plans of becoming a wildlife biologist.

What have you learned most from this experience?
I have learned how to better express my emotions through music and also my shyness as a performer is slowly going away.

About Helena's Mom, Gwen

What’s your current occupation?
Hair stylist.

What inspired you to help Helena become involved in the music industry?
She was born with the gift of music and I would like to see her share that with the world.

Do you sing or have ever wanted to be a singer?
I sang in church as a child but never aspired to be a singer.

Who is your favorite country singer and why?
Patti Griffin because she is an amazing songwriter and performer. Although I think she would be considered more of a folk singer rather than country.

What do you think Helena is learning most about while being involved in singing?
She has learned how to express emotions through song and how to open up during performances and also as a person.

Would you call yourself a stage mom?

What are your aspirations for Helena?
Above all else, happiness.

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