Celebrities are constantly buying and selling homes with each house being more amazing than the next. So what could be more fun than going along for the fabulous ride?

An hour episode of Celebrity House Hunting will follow two celebrities in their search for the next place they'll call home with each celebrity touring three amazing houses. As they walk through the prospective homes, they'll dish about the pros and cons while they decide which one best fits their tastes. While the search is on, the audience will play at home trying to guess which house the celebrity will pick. After looking at three fabulous places, we'll find out on which of the three homes the celebrity chooses to make an offer. Can Hulk Hogan actually afford a beach house? Does Denise Richards really need a 1,000-square-foot closet? Will Tom Arnold live without a 50-seat screening room?

Celebrity House Hunting combines the joys of celebrity spotting and home hunting with a little bit of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous thrown into the mix.