Dance Dictionary

Stand Battle? Parade? Field Show? Learn the ins and outs of the types of dance routines featured on "Bring It!" and follow along each episode:

Field Show: These routines use a large number of dancers to pull off spectacular formations, synchronized movements, stunts and dance.

Parade: This routine is to be performed during a parade and combines moving in unison with shorter routines.

Pom Pom: This routine is similar to the Field Show but on a smaller scale with less dancers and pom poms. Usage of the pom is the main focus with visual effect and formation changes required.

Prop: This routine incorporates one prop (i.e. a chair, a baton, a rifle, a baseball bat)—this is not a category that Baby Dolls or Dancing Dolls compete in. However, some competitions will count a pom pom as a prop and will not have a separate Pom Pom category.

Stand Battle: The stand battle works like a single elimination bracket tournament. The teams draw numbers and are randomly paired together. Each pair take turns trying to out dance each other. The teams go back and forth until the judges determine that one team wins. This is the most intense of all the categories because while the dance sequences are choreographed, when they are used is decided on the fly. The Captain must decide when to use what sequence based on the opposing team's sequence.