• Dianna Williams from Bring It!
  • Mimi & Camryn from Bring It!
  • Rittany & Crystianna from Bring It!
  • Faith & Dana from Bring It!
  • Tina & Kayla from Bring It!
  • Selena, Sky, Star, and Selena from Bring It!
  • Tanesha & Tamala from Bring It!

Sunjai, Sky, Star, & Selena


Sunjai has accepted a full dance scholarship from DeSales University. But she intends to continue dancing with the team this summer to keep her skills sharp and share the stage with her sisters.


Star & Sky

Star and Sky are still struggling to be noticed by Dianna who continues to overlook them completely.



Selena is now ready to do anything to get her twin daughters up front and center on the team…even if it means taking drastic measures!