Sunjai, also known as "Cool Flame," has been a dancer since the age of 5. Dancing is her passion and she has been a part of the Dolls since 2012. Dancing runs in the family—she was inspired by her aunt at a young age and her dad is one of her biggest fans.


She is an honors student who isn't afraid to speak her mind and act goofy. Just like her mom, Sunjai loves shopping, hanging out with friends, singing and of course, dancing. She plans to go to college and become a pediatrician when she grows up because of her love for children.


About Sunjai's Mom, Selena

A recently divorced mother of four, Selena is originally from Chicago but was raised in Jackson, MS. Involved in everything from jazz, ballet, flag and drill team, growing up, dancing was her life.


A self-proclaimed "Beyonce look-alike," she loves to be in the spotlight and has been involved in pageants, runway fashion shows, and hair shows. Selena is a people person but don't mess with her kids because she can be fiesty.


After becoming a part of the Dancing Dolls team in 2012, her dream is for all three daughters to become Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders. She loves to shop, travel, go to the spa, and paint, but above all else, she loves and adores her family very much.