• Dianna Williams from Bring It!
  • Mimi & Camryn from Bring It!
  • Rittany & Crystianna from Bring It!
  • Faith & Dana from Bring It!
  • Tina & Kayla from Bring It!
  • Selena, Sky, Star, and Selena from Bring It!
  • Tanesha & Tamala from Bring It!

Kayla & Tina


Kayla has a new role as the assistant coach of the Dollhouse which comes with it’s a new level of stress and growing pains. She must learn how to assert herself as a different kind of leader than when she was Captain, and gain Dianna’s respect and trust.



Now that Kayla is no longer a dancer on the team,Tina must figure out where she stands with the other DDPs. If Kayla no longer needs her protective mom watching over her as she competes, is Tina still the “Head Mom in Charge”?