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Crystianna has been dancing since the age of 5 and joined the Dancing Dolls in 2006. She left for a short period of time to do cheerleading, but has since returned to the Dolls in 2008.


After spending three years on the Baby Dancing Dolls, she crossed over to the Dancing Dolls at the age of 9 making her the youngest member to ever join the team. Crystianna may be small, but her talent is big—she even hopes to become a famous dancer someday. Aside from dancing, her favorite hobbies include singing and playing volleyball.


About Crystianna's Aunt, Rittany

Rittany is Crystianna's aunt, however has been more of a mother figure to her over the years and claims to be the Dancing Dolls' biggest fan. She has always been competitive when it came to sports and was an All-American cheerleader in high school.


Currently she works as a retail manager in Jackson, MS and teaches little league cheerleading. Her hope was for Crystianna to take after her and become a cheerleader, but dancing has proved to be her greatest passion.