Meet the Cast

Vanessa Marcil


A native of Palm Desert, California, Vanessa Marcil began acting in theater at a very young age and continues to do so today. She made her television debut on the daytime drama “General Hospital” and won a Daytime Emmy® for her work on the series. Marcil’s additional television credits include a series regular role on “Las Vegas” and guest-starring roles on “Lipstick Jungle,” “Spin City,” “Crossing Jordan,” “High Incident” and “NYPD Blue.” Her feature film credits include “The Rock,” “The Space Between Us” and “Nice Guys Sleep Alone.”

Check out photos of "Blush" host Vanessa Marcil through the years.

Todd Homme


Hometown: New York, NY

At the age of four Todd began a flirtation with makeup, but little did he know this flirtation would turn out to be a love affair that would fuel his artistic passions for years to come. Todd feels makeup is a vehicle to transform and transport any woman into the true radiant goddess she has inside her. Todd is poised and focused, and allows the love of his art to show in all his work.

Elimination Challenge Winner: Episode 1
Elimination Challenge Winner: Episode 3
Last Look: Episode 6



Hometown: Based in Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles–based makeup artist Maxi is notorious for his outrageous behavior. He travels around the country doing makeup for music videos and has an impressive list of celebrity clients. Maxi is planning to create his own line of makeup soon. Maxi is just, well ... Maxi! For more on Maxi, visit his personal site at

Elimination Challenge Winner: Episode 5
Last Look: Episode 6

Nolan Makaawaawa


Hometown: Costa Mesa, CA

Nolan has been a professional makeup artist for the past 10 years and is unfailingly open, charismatic and full of life. He welcomes every opportunity to learn and improve his craft. Nolan feels that if given the chance, he will shine in the makeup world.

Elimination Challenge Winner: Episode 4
WINNER: Episode 6

Farah Carter


Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Farah’s love affair with makeup began at the age of six, when she moved to the U.S. from Iran with her family and discovered that a woman’s beauty is celebrated in this country rather than hidden behind scarves and veils. She believes the only rule that should be strictly followed when it comes to makeup is that there should be no rules. Her career objective is to constantly grow in artistry and creativity.

Elimination Challenge Winner: Episode 2

Sharzad Kiadeh


Hometown: Cupertino, CA

Sharzad is a self-proclaimed “Persian princess” who is the epitome of class. After working for many years at the counters of Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and MAC of Beverly Hills, she knows how to deal with high-end clientele. She hopes to revolutionize the makeup world by creating a line of environmentally friendly cosmetics. For more on Sharzad, visit her personal site at

Last Look: Episode 3

Maura “Mo” Lewitts


Hometown: Northbrook, IL

Maura, a.k.a “Mo,” is passionate and perky, and believes her outgoing personality is what sets her apart from other makeup artists. She attended two prestigious makeup schools and has worked on numerous celebrities, including Sarah Ferguson. Her ability to wear any look makes her stand out in a crowd.

Last Look: Episode 4

Jessica Millington


Hometown: Dallas, TX

Jessica, a mother of two little girls, is passionate about makeup and her family. She believes she can have it all and wants to prove to the world that being a mother doesn’t keep you from pursuing your dreams. Jessica is currently a makeup artist in Dallas.

Last Look: Episode 1

Jessica's Looks

EPISODE ONE: "Extreme Makeover Buffet"/"Twisted Disco Music Video"

Myke Michaels


Hometown: Studio City, CA

Myke, a single father, has been a makeup artist for over 20 years and worked on 300 films. A bit of a rock ‘n’ roll tough guy with a heart, Myke says he could use crayons as makeup if he had to. He loves to see women feel and look good, and says they are all like beautiful pieces of art. Myke works best under pressure.

Last Look: Episode 3

Rainell Chivonne


Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Rainell, a freelance makeup artist, has an alter ego she calls “The Glamazon,” whose mission is to glamorize the women of the world. Her ultimate goal is to help women accept who they are and feel comfortable in their own skin. Rainell is passionate, confident and very emotional about her work.

Last Look: Episode 2

Charlie Green


Charlie Green is a renowned makeup artist who has worked with such celebrities as Naomi Campbell, Jewel, Tyra Banks, Kelly Clarkson and Elizabeth Hurley, to name just a few. In addition, she has done the makeup for celebrities who have appeared on the covers of many national magazines, including Vogue, Elle and GQ.

Joanna Schlip


Professional makeup artist Joanna Schlip has worked with some of the most celebrated people in the entertainment industry. Her work has graced the covers of the most prestigious magazines worldwide. In addition, she contributes her artistic skill set to cutting-edge editorials, runways and fashion advertising from coast to coast. She has made over 40 television appearances and trained artistry teams for cosmetic giants. She is also a three-time keynote speaker at the IMATS, a beauty author, an international spokesperson and a worldwide beauty expert. Joanna’s extraordinary work ethic and genuine personality have afforded her an amazing clientele including Eva Longoria, Scarlett Johansson, Ellen Pompeo, Laura Linney, Hilary Duff, Sheryl Crow and Jessica Simpson. In September 2006, Joanna launched her first book, “Glamour Gurlz: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to Great Make-up and Gurl Smarts” (Random House).

Hal Rubenstein


Fashion Director Hal Rubenstein has been with In Style from its beginning 14 years ago. In addition to creating “The Look,” the signature section that helped establish the identity of the magazine, and the identity of all 14 international editions, he also helped create the highly informative, yet down-to-earth “voice” of the magazine, known for a confidence-building tone that assures readers “you can do this.” Hal is also a leading authority on red-carpet glamour, making frequent television appearances on top-rated national morning and entertainment shows. Prior to joining In Style, he was Men’s Style Editor of The New York Times Magazine. Hal was born in New York and has never seen any reason to live anywhere else.