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Devious Maids: Episode 12 (Proof)
Witches Of East End: A Moveable Beast
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Episode 4 (Hearth and Home)

Season 7, Episode 4 - Season 7: Episode 4 (Hearth and Home): Joan is disappointed to be pulled from combat and Roland upsets her with his plans to take the new job. Denise attends to Latasha's son at the emergency room while Gloria receives her divorce papers.
Season 7, Episode 4 - Season 7: Episode 4 (Hearth and Home): Original air date: 4/1/13. Joan is disappointed to be pulled from combat, but is trying to make the best of it now that she's back home. She's upset to learn that Roland still plans on taking the new job. Denise attends to Latasha's son when he is rushed to the emergency room. Gloria receives her divorce papers and on top of that must find a new place to live. Maggie and Eddie adjust to their new home, but the blended family continues to bump heads. In Afghanistan, the men are moved to a remote and dangerous outpost. Check out "Army Wives" photos and extras.
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