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"Army Wives" Makeup Artist Spills All!

Posted By kim_messina 11:44am GMT

Even wonder how "Army Wives" creates the life-like (and sometimes bloody!) looks during operation scenes? "AW" makeup artist Jason Willis reveals his secrets on how he he worked with prosthetics to create the effect of these Season 6, Episode 8 wounds below:

Straight From the Set Season 6 Operation Wound

For this thorachotomy, which was performed on Minji's husband, Jason created prosthetic shrapnel wounds, punched in chest and lower abdomen hair, and painted the silicone chest "skin" to match the actual trauma FX makeup on the actor's chest. Affixed blood tubing beneath chest skin and into the silicone chest cavity was added to show the surging of blood from the potentially fatal entry wound. The "skin" was sliced open and plastic ribs were spread apart to reveal the interior chest organs. There was also three people hiding beneath the gurney operated squeeze bulbs and blood syringe to create the beating heart, breathing lung and flowing blood into shrapnel-damaged area.

Straight From the Set Season 6 Operation Wound

To create this compound tribial fracture, Jason painted and punched hair into foam latex prosthetic piece to match actor's skin tone and hair growth patterns. He also dressed the prosthetic piece with blood and gel products.

Are you surprised about how the "Army Wives'" makeup artist achieves his operation looks?

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