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Who's the Vegan: Sally Pressman or Roxy LeBlanc?

Posted By LifetimeLisaR 3:59pm GMT

Behind the Scenes Army Wives PhotosWhen one scene called for Sally Pressman’s character Roxy to eat cinnamon rolls, there was a little bit of a problem. In real life, Sally is a vegan and cinnamon rolls are usually filled with buttery goodness.

In last week's episode, Roxy LeBlanc snacks on cinnamon rolls — sounds delicious, right? The only problem is that the actress who plays Roxy, Sally Pressman, is vegan, which means she doesn’t eat any meat or animal by-products like eggs or dairy. The prop department has to have all food Roxy eats on screen made special for Sally’s dietary needs — and the yummy cinnamon rolls were no exception!

Luckily, the prop department found Kelly Kleisner, owner and founder of Mirabelle Bakery in Charleston, South Carolina. Kelly was happy to whip up a batch of vegan cinnamon rolls for the scene, and Sally liked them so much that she took all the leftovers home. Save some for us, Sally!

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Roxy LeBlanc's Season 5 Wardrobe

Posted By LifetimeLisaR 1:48pm GMT

Roxy LeBlanc has her own sense of style. This photo shows some of the colorful clothing you might see her wearing in Season 5! Click through the pic below for more "Army Wives" Season 5 photos:

Roxy LeBlanc Wardrobe

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