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Sally Pressman Interview From the Set

Posted By LifetimeLisaR 3:09pm GMT

When Sally Pressman (who plays Roxy LeBlanc) returned to film Season 5 of Army Wives, she had something else to celebrate — her recent engagement! We found out what it was like for the busy bride-to-be to film a television show and plan a wedding all at once.

We Asked: Congratulations on your engagement! Is it difficult planning a wedding while filming?

Sally Answered: "It's challenging for sure but because we have such a large cast, luckily I have some time to take care of details. Looking at locations is impossible but my fiancè is taking care of that a little. And I have meetings with my wedding planner over Skype :-) thank god for technology!!"

What question would you ask your favorite Army wife?

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