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Brigid Brannagh Interview From the Set

Posted By LifetimeLisaR 2:46pm GMT

As so many of you have told us, one of the reasons you love Pamela is because she’s so strong. We asked Brigid Brannagh, the actress who brings Pamela to life on “Army Wives,” what it was like learning how to play a cop in Season 4.

We Asked: Fans look up to Pamela’s strength and courage — especially returning to work. Was it tough to learn to play a police officer?

Brigid Answered: "It was really interesting to learn about being a police officer. It's funny what some might consider the difficult part of acting, learning a new way of life in a crash course, is my favorite part about what I do. I loved learning about being a police officer — it's an honor really, just as playing an army wife is an honor. So I wouldn't say it was tough as much as exciting and challenging."

What question would you ask your favorite Army Wife?

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Sterling K. Brown Interview From the Set

Posted By LifetimeLisaR 5:20pm GMT

Sterling K. Brown’s character Roland has seen his share of ups and downs over the past four seasons of "Army Wives," but through it all he has been surrounded by a great support network — of women! We asked Sterling what is was like being the only man around.

We Asked: As the lone "Army Husband" what is it like being surrounded by women all day?

Sterling Answered: "I love women! But more specifically, I love these women. These women are my family. We spend half the year with one another, and my life has been greatly enriched because of their presence in my life. It is incredibly easy to love the incredibly lovable."

What question would you ask your favorite Army husband?

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Sally Pressman Interview From the Set

Posted By LifetimeLisaR 3:09pm GMT

When Sally Pressman (who plays Roxy LeBlanc) returned to film Season 5 of Army Wives, she had something else to celebrate — her recent engagement! We found out what it was like for the busy bride-to-be to film a television show and plan a wedding all at once.

We Asked: Congratulations on your engagement! Is it difficult planning a wedding while filming?

Sally Answered: "It's challenging for sure but because we have such a large cast, luckily I have some time to take care of details. Looking at locations is impossible but my fiancè is taking care of that a little. And I have meetings with my wedding planner over Skype :-) thank god for technology!!"

What question would you ask your favorite Army wife?

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Drew Fuller and Richard Bryant Photo

Posted By LifetimeLisaR 4:59pm GMT

In this behind-the-scenes snapshot, we see Drew Fuller and Richard Bryant (who play Trevor LeBlanc and Jeremy Sherwood) deep in conversation. Do you think they are rehearsing a scene or just chatting?

Army Wives Drew Fuller and Richard Bryant

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The Cast at a Table Read

Posted By LifetimeLisaR 12:48pm GMT

Go where no fan has gone before and sneak a peek at the actors and writers of the show prepping for an episode. Which cast members can you spot at the table read?

Army Wives Table Read

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