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Elle McLemore's Baking Lesson

Posted By kim_messina 1:15pm GMT

As we learned in Season 7, Episode 2, Elle McLemore's character Holly Truman is an award-winning pie baker. ("Apple, cherry, blueberry, rhubarb—you name it, I bake it!")

To prep for the role, Elle took baking lessons at the Ashley Bakery in Charleston, SC—it was her first cooking class ever. "It was very exciting!" she says. "It was a lot of fun!" To see photos from her day in the kitchen and other behind the scenes photos from Season 7, head on over to the Straight From the Set photo gallery.


Learn More About Claudia Joy's Funeral

Posted By kim_messina 11:29am GMT

Straight From the Set Season 7 Episode 1

Claudia Joy's funeral and spreading of the ashes in Season 7, Episode 2 was filmed at Middleton Place in Charleston, SC. Middleton Place is a National Historic Landmark and home to America’s Oldest Landscaped Gardens.

For more behind the scenes photos from the episode, check out the Straight From The Set gallery. To learn more about Middleton Place, visit middletonplace.org.


Behind the Scenes of Season 7, Episode 1

Posted By kim_messina 12:12pm GMT

Straight From the Set Season 7 Episode 1

Claudia Joy's death in Season 7, Episode 1 is single handedly one of the most tragic moments in "Army Wives" history. Go behind the scenes, learn secrets and get a glimpse into the episode with these Straight From The Set photos that you can only find on myLifetime.com. While you're in the album, make sure to check out the other SFTS photos for a sneak peek of Season 7!


"Army Wives" Makeup Artist Spills All!

Posted By kim_messina 11:44am GMT

Even wonder how "Army Wives" creates the life-like (and sometimes bloody!) looks during operation scenes? "AW" makeup artist Jason Willis reveals his secrets on how he he worked with prosthetics to create the effect of these Season 6, Episode 8 wounds below:

Straight From the Set Season 6 Operation Wound

For this thorachotomy, which was performed on Minji's husband, Jason created prosthetic shrapnel wounds, punched in chest and lower abdomen hair, and painted the silicone chest "skin" to match the actual trauma FX makeup on the actor's chest. Affixed blood tubing beneath chest skin and into the silicone chest cavity was added to show the surging of blood from the potentially fatal entry wound. The "skin" was sliced open and plastic ribs were spread apart to reveal the interior chest organs. There was also three people hiding beneath the gurney operated squeeze bulbs and blood syringe to create the beating heart, breathing lung and flowing blood into shrapnel-damaged area.

Straight From the Set Season 6 Operation Wound

To create this compound tribial fracture, Jason painted and punched hair into foam latex prosthetic piece to match actor's skin tone and hair growth patterns. He also dressed the prosthetic piece with blood and gel products.

Are you surprised about how the "Army Wives'" makeup artist achieves his operation looks?

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The "Army Wives" Cast Plays For a Good Cause

Posted By LisaRaphael 1:58pm GMT

It's not "all work and no play" for the cast of "Army Wives"! Check out exclusive pics of cast mates Terry Serpico (Frank Sherwood), Wendy Davis (Joan Burton), Bubba Bryant (Jeremy Sherwood) and Brian McNamara (Michael Holden) smiling for a picture at a celebrity softball game. The cast was there to show off their softball skills, but more importantly to support Louie's Kids, an organization that helps raise funds to treat childhood obesity.

Army Wives Softball Photos

Which "Army Wives" cast member would you recruit for your team?

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A First Look at Season 6: Sally Pressman at the Hump Bar!

Posted By LisaRaphael 6:19pm GMT

The "Army Wives" actors have been back on set filming for Season 6, and we have our FIRST LOOK as Sally Pressman gives fans a shout out from the set of the Hump Bar. Watch our exclusive video below:

What was your favorite Straight From the Set item from Season 5? What do you want to see from Season 6?


Jeremy Davidson Interview From the Set of "Army Wives" Season 5

Posted By LifetimeLisaR 2:29pm GMT

Jeremy Davidson Army Wives Photos We hope our peers would say that we've learned to share since our Kindergarten days — even when it comes to our beloved Army Wives and Husbands! A lot of you have noticed Jeremy Davidson, the actor who plays Chase Moran, popping up on other shows, like "Brothers & Sisters," "Law & Order" and "White Collar"... just to name a few! We got a chance to chat with the hunky on-screen Delta Force Specialist to see what he loves most about "Army Wives."

We Asked: "We (and our highly-observant fans!) have noticed you on a lot of other TV shows this year. What makes working on "Army Wives" particularly special?"

Jeremy Answered: "My time on "Army Wives" has been a remarkable experience. And no matter how exciting it is to have a chance to work on other projects, the intimacy and trust I feel for the cast and crew of "Army Wives" is not something that just magically happens on every set.

Even though Chase isn't around so often, everyone has gone out of their way to make me feel like an integral part of the show's spirit. There's also no substitute for the effect time has on relationships, and I'm so grateful to have had a few years to honestly explore a marriage with Brigid. Yes, she's incredibly talented, but she's also deeply thorough in how she prepares. So I feel inspired and challenged to be better when I get to work with her. Wherever the writers decide to take the Moran family in the coming year, I am proud to be a part of that journey.

XO, Jeremy"

Click here to watch a video of Pamela and Chase's reunion and view pictures of the couple's renewed "I do"'s in the photos from "Army Wives" Season 5, Episode 7.

Do you want to see more Chase Moran on "Army Wives"? Share your favorite Chase moments in the comments below!

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The Story Behind Molly's Christening Dress

Posted By LifetimeLisaR 5:32pm GMT

Behind the Scenes Army Wives PhotosThere’s a story behind this adorable christening dress that was worn by little Molly Sherwood in last week's "Army Wives" Episode 6!

Last week wasn't the first time the dress appeared on "Army Wives." Although Denise and Frank's daughter Molly Sherwood sported the mini-gown on "Walking Wounded," it was originally worn long ago by Amanda Holden… and has been seen in another episode of "Army Wives"! In Season 3, Episode 6, Claudia Joy gave it to Joan and Roland Burton to use for Sara Elizabeth and now the smallest Sherwood carries on the tradition.

View more photos from "Army Wives" Season 5, Episode 6 here!

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Katelyn Pippy Interview From the Set of "Army Wives" Season 5

Posted By LifetimeLisaR 12:25pm GMT

Katelyn Pippy Army Wives PhotosSometimes art imitates life, like for Katelyn Pippy, the actress who plays Emmalin Holden. On the show, the youngest Holden is off to college at (made-up) Woodsen University, and in real life, Katelyn is in school as well! We talked to Katelyn to find out how she juggled being on "Army Wives" and going to high school the last few years.

We Asked: Congratulations on your acceptance to Cornell — how did you keep up with your high school studying while filming Army Wives? What is the best and worst part of being a full time actor during your teenage years?

Katelyn Answered: "Thanks so much! I kept up with my school work by doing online work through a charter school where I'm from, so when I was home I'd actually go into school. I also had a tutor for math, which I had some trouble teaching myself. I ended up with a 3.98 GPA though!

The best part of being an actor through my teenage years is getting to live all over the country and work with and learn from amazing, talented people. The worst part is that you miss out on a lot of the typical teenage experiences, like getting to do the school musical or going to dances. But I still had a great high school experience and made terrific friends, it just wasn't the typical one. But it was all worth it!"

Click here to watch the emotional video of the Holden's family reunion during the Season 4 "Army Wives" Finale.

Today also happens to be Katelyn Pippy's 18th birthday — Happy Birthday, Katelyn!! Leave your wishes for the birthday girl below and tell us what question you would ask the "Army Wives" children.

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Catherine Bell & Terry Serpico Behind the Scenes

Posted By LifetimeLisaR 3:18pm GMT

Behind the Scenes Army Wives Photos

We’ve got your “Army Wives” Season 5 backstage pass right here! View a picture of Episode 4 director John Terlesky chatting with Catherine Bell and Terry Serpico. What scene do you think they were going over? View more behind-the-scenes photos here!

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