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Terry Serpico Interview From Set

By LifetimeLisaR Tue., Mar. 15, 2011 ,2:47 pm EDT

Terry Serpico, who plays LT. Colonel Frank Sherwood on "Army Wives" is an actual Army brat himself! He also started his career as a stunt performer.

We Asked: You were an Army brat yourself and a stunt performer! How did your past prepare you for your role as Frank Sherwood and in what way?

Terry Answered: "Certainly, my having grown up on Army Posts around the world has informed my work as Ltc Sherwood. I have an intrinsic understanding of these men and women, their military decorum and behavior. I believe that the most influential element in terms of playing Frank, however, is my father. He is, was and always will be a soldier. I grew up with a man who shares his core values and love of the Army with Frank. My father and my character are duty bound to defend this nation and the families that call her home. I lace up my boots and the soldier within emerges. I'm quite spoiled actually.

As to my stunt experience... there is an unwritten clause in a stunt player's contract: The No Whining Clause. I try to employ that credo every day. If I'm going to pretend to be an officer, the least I can do is go about my job as an officer would; without complaint and with my mind on the mission.
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