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Katelyn Pippy Interview From the Set of "Army Wives" Season 5

By LifetimeLisaR Tue., Apr. 12, 2011 ,12:25 pm EDT

Katelyn Pippy Army Wives PhotosSometimes art imitates life, like for Katelyn Pippy, the actress who plays Emmalin Holden. On the show, the youngest Holden is off to college at (made-up) Woodsen University, and in real life, Katelyn is in school as well! We talked to Katelyn to find out how she juggled being on "Army Wives" and going to high school the last few years.

We Asked: Congratulations on your acceptance to Cornell — how did you keep up with your high school studying while filming Army Wives? What is the best and worst part of being a full time actor during your teenage years?

Katelyn Answered: "Thanks so much! I kept up with my school work by doing online work through a charter school where I'm from, so when I was home I'd actually go into school. I also had a tutor for math, which I had some trouble teaching myself. I ended up with a 3.98 GPA though!

The best part of being an actor through my teenage years is getting to live all over the country and work with and learn from amazing, talented people. The worst part is that you miss out on a lot of the typical teenage experiences, like getting to do the school musical or going to dances. But I still had a great high school experience and made terrific friends, it just wasn't the typical one. But it was all worth it!"

Click here to watch the emotional video of the Holden's family reunion during the Season 4 "Army Wives" Finale.

Today also happens to be Katelyn Pippy's 18th birthday — Happy Birthday, Katelyn!! Leave your wishes for the birthday girl below and tell us what question you would ask the "Army Wives" children.

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