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Jeremy Davidson Interview From the Set of "Army Wives" Season 5

By LifetimeLisaR Thu., May. 12, 2011 ,2:29 pm EDT

Jeremy Davidson Army Wives Photos We hope our peers would say that we've learned to share since our Kindergarten days — even when it comes to our beloved Army Wives and Husbands! A lot of you have noticed Jeremy Davidson, the actor who plays Chase Moran, popping up on other shows, like "Brothers & Sisters," "Law & Order" and "White Collar"... just to name a few! We got a chance to chat with the hunky on-screen Delta Force Specialist to see what he loves most about "Army Wives."

We Asked: "We (and our highly-observant fans!) have noticed you on a lot of other TV shows this year. What makes working on "Army Wives" particularly special?"

Jeremy Answered: "My time on "Army Wives" has been a remarkable experience. And no matter how exciting it is to have a chance to work on other projects, the intimacy and trust I feel for the cast and crew of "Army Wives" is not something that just magically happens on every set.

Even though Chase isn't around so often, everyone has gone out of their way to make me feel like an integral part of the show's spirit. There's also no substitute for the effect time has on relationships, and I'm so grateful to have had a few years to honestly explore a marriage with Brigid. Yes, she's incredibly talented, but she's also deeply thorough in how she prepares. So I feel inspired and challenged to be better when I get to work with her. Wherever the writers decide to take the Moran family in the coming year, I am proud to be a part of that journey.

XO, Jeremy"

Click here to watch a video of Pamela and Chase's reunion and view pictures of the couple's renewed "I do"'s in the photos from "Army Wives" Season 5, Episode 7.

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