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Brigid Brannagh Interview From the Set

By LifetimeLisaR Tue., Feb. 15, 2011 ,2:46 pm EST

As so many of you have told us, one of the reasons you love Pamela is because she’s so strong. We asked Brigid Brannagh, the actress who brings Pamela to life on “Army Wives,” what it was like learning how to play a cop in Season 4.

We Asked: Fans look up to Pamela’s strength and courage — especially returning to work. Was it tough to learn to play a police officer?

Brigid Answered: "It was really interesting to learn about being a police officer. It's funny what some might consider the difficult part of acting, learning a new way of life in a crash course, is my favorite part about what I do. I loved learning about being a police officer — it's an honor really, just as playing an army wife is an honor. So I wouldn't say it was tough as much as exciting and challenging."

What question would you ask your favorite Army Wife?

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