"Army Wives" Quizzes

Are you the ultimate "Army Wives" fan? Find out just how big of a fan you really are with our new "Army Wives" quizzes. Take them all and challenge your friends!

Which Army Wife Are You Quiz

Which Army Wife Are You? Quiz

Are you a sweetheart like Denise or a firecracker like Pamela? Find out which Fort Marshall female you are most like by taking the Which Army Wife Are You? quiz!

Army Wives Husband Quiz

Who's Your "Army Wives" Hubby? Quiz

If you were one of the leading ladies on "Army Wives," find out what Fort Marshall man would make your perfect significant other. Take our Who's Your "Army Wives" Hubby? quiz and find your mate match now!

Military TV shows quiz

Military TV Shows Quiz

How much do you know about other military TV shows? Take our quiz to see if you deserve to get a medal of honor or be dishonorably discharged. Take our Duty Calls! quiz and find out how knowledgeable you really are.

Army Wives Show Trivia Quiz

Test Your "Army Wives" Trivia Quiz

We've compiled questions only the biggest show fans can handle. Put your knowledge to the test and see how you fall in the ranks. Take our Test Your "Army Wives" Trivia quiz right away.