How did you land your role on “Army Wives?”

It’s funny, there weren’t a lot of auditions or there weren’t a lot of parts that were appropriate to go in for at the time. Nothing even seemed worth breaking a sweat over. Then, two parts came at the same time, and one, honestly, I liked less, but it was a way better-paying gig, and “Army Wives” came along, but it was awesome. Being the Irish Catholic girl that I am, I tried so much harder on the one that pays less but I loved more.

Originally, historically, I hadn’t watched a ton of Lifetime, so I was kind of nervous. I didn’t know a lot about it, but when I read the role, it made me cry. It was the first thing in the longest time that affected me. And I felt like I already knew Pamela Moran.

What is something about yourself that we’d be surprised to learn?

I’m like a 90-year-old woman. I completely am obsessed with murder mysteries. My sisters and I would watch “Murder, She Wrote.” I look forward to “Inspector Barnaby” on “Midsummer Murders.” Agatha Christie. Stuff like that. I’m incredibly nerdy about the murder mystery thing.

So are you into James Patterson–type books, then?

I can’t do anything that’s real and scary. I have read “Honeymoon.” His books are, no joke, a little bit too scary sometimes. But right now I’m reading Sue Grafton’s “‘E’ Is for Evidence.” member Gohsgirl asks, “Are there any similarities between your character, Pamela Moran, and yourself?”

We have a ton of similarities. I’m a straightforward person, she’s a straightforward person. She’s very down-to-earth and she doesn’t come from fussiness or money or anything like that. She’s having an effect on me, but she’s definitely more of a tomboy than I am!

How are you different?

Her house is a mess, her life is a mess. She only cares about very specific things, whereas I am a little anal-retentive. I’m tidier! I will lay awake at night thinking of the perfect color for a room and a shabby-chic thing to match it. I will totally think of a recipe or what I’m going to serve people at a party. I’ll think about it for a week. I’ll get all beside myself about it, and Pamela does not do that!

The joke is she can’t cook or clean, and that is clearly not my problem. In spirit, in heart, I think we’re the same. If you need a couch lifted, I would lift up the other side. I’m not so fluffy that I wouldn’t. I just happen to love aesthetics and the perfect fruit bowl in the kitchen! member inlovewthtrevor asks, “If you had been offered the role of any other Army Wife, would you have taken it? And which wife would you have chosen?”

All day long, Roxy! I’m older than Sally [Pressman] and I’m older than Roxy, so I’m in a different stage in my life. Pamela has more of a “been there, done it” attitude, but once upon a time, I definitely played more of that type of role. Roxy is definitely someone that I could have or would have played. But I like where I’m at now. She has these crazy monologues about kicking people’s teeth in!

What kind of getup did you have to wear during the time Pamela was pregnant in Season 1?

It was the ugliest thing! It was like a giant bathing suit with a belly. I’m not exactly without a figure, and at one point they were saying, “We need to stuff her bra!” and I was thinking, “Not as much as you think!” The first time I put it on, I was like, “Hey, I guess they were right!”

Going to the bathroom was like a 45-minute process taking that thing off, so I tried not to drink too many fluids, which is awful in the heat. On top of that, I had to wear a second bra, filled with dried rice. So I’m tired, I’m sweating and I smelled like food. I wanted to kill myself! They had to try something else filled with foam later. Wendy [Davis] is going to have to wear it next!

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