• Catherine Bell as Denise Sherwood
  • Terry Serpico as Major Frank Sherwood
  • Brooke Shields as Colonel Katherine "Kat" Young
  • Brian McNamara as Major General Michael Holden
  • Kelli Williams as Jackie Clarke
  • Wendy Davis as Joan Burton
  • Sterling K. Brown as Roland Burton
  • Alyssa Diaz as Gloria Cruz
  • Joseph Julian Soria as Hector Cruz
  • Torrey DeVitto as Maggie Hall
  • Burgess Jenkins as Eddie Hall
  • Ashanti as Latasha Montclair
  • Joshua Henry as Quincy Montclair
  • Elle McLemore as Holly Truman
  • Jesse McCartney as Tim Truman

Kelli Williams

Jackie Clarke
Kelli Williams
Kelli Williams is best-known as a star of the Emmy Award-winning courtroom drama "The Practice," which ran for seven seasons on ABC. Williams went on to star in numerous television productions, most recently three seasons of Fox's "Lie To Me" opposite Tim Roth.

Williams was born and raised in Los Angeles, and still resides there with her husband and their three children.
Jackie Clarke
To the outside perspective, Jackie Clarke appears perfect. Poised, beautiful and educated, her parents were even friends with the Kennedys. Her son Patrick was educated at West Point. Her daughter Sophie attends the prestigious Exeter school. Last but not least is her husband, the respected General Kevin Clarke. But beyond all this, Jackie secretly nursed a pill addiction problem to cope with her husband’s long deployments and relationship issues with her children. It was only with the help of her fellow Army wife friends that Jackie was able to beat her addiction and begin to lead a healthy, happy life again.