• Catherine Bell as Denise Sherwood
  • Terry Serpico as Major Frank Sherwood
  • Brooke Shields as Colonel Katherine "Kat" Young
  • Brian McNamara as Major General Michael Holden
  • Kelli Williams as Jackie Clarke
  • Wendy Davis as Joan Burton
  • Sterling K. Brown as Roland Burton
  • Alyssa Diaz as Gloria Cruz
  • Joseph Julian Soria as Hector Cruz
  • Torrey DeVitto as Maggie Hall
  • Burgess Jenkins as Eddie Hall
  • Ashanti as Latasha Montclair
  • Joshua Henry as Quincy Montclair
  • Elle McLemore as Holly Truman
  • Jesse McCartney as Tim Truman

Catherine Bell

Denise Sherwood
Catherine Bell

Best known for her work as the headstrong Marine Corps attorney Lt. Sarah 'Mac' MacKenzie on the action drama series "JAG," Catherine Bell now stars in "Army Wives," the one-hour ensemble drama series on Lifetime. "Army Wives," which is currently shooting its 7th season, captures the struggles, dreams and friendships of a diverse group of women – and one man – living with their spouses and families on an active army post. They deal with the pressures and traditions the military imposes on those who are left behind while their partners serve their country. Bell plays Denise Sherwood, a devoted wife who has returned to work as a nurse while her husband is a major in Iraq and whose son was killed in combat in Afghanistan.


Bell was born in London and moved to Los Angeles with her family at the young age of three. While studying biomedical engineering at UCLA, Bell ventured into modeling, which soon led to immediate recognition in both the United States and overseas. Building on her success as a model, she decided to pursue an acting career, which was launched soon thereafter.

Her feature film credits include Universal’s mega-hit "Bruce Almighty" opposite Jim Carrey and opposite Steve Carrell in the sequel, "Evan Almighty," as well as "Men of War."

Bell starred in Hallmark Channel’s highest-rated original movie series "The Good Witch," "The Good Witch’s Garden," "The Good Witch’s Gift" and "The Good Witch’s Family" as Cassandra "Cassie" Nightingale. Bell’s other recent small screen credits include Lifetime’s "Still Small Voices," "Law & Order" and "Friends."

Bell, along with her 2 children, divides her time between their home in Southern California and Charleston, South Carolina where "Army Wives" is filmed.

Denise Sherwood

As a wife, mother and nurse practitioner, Denise Sherwood has devoted her life to the care of others. She married Frank and rose through the ranks with him as he ascended to Colonel. Together they have two children, son Jeremy who was killed in action in Afghanistan, and their young daughter Molly. Growing up in a military family, Denise expertly maneuvers the pressures of Army life and often takes new wives under her wing to help them acclimate. But as classy and solid as Denise is, it hasn’t always been rosy. She’s made some bad decisions, suffered incredible loss and struggled with some growing pains over the years. Amidst all the changes at Joint Base Marshall bring, Denise is forced to take up the mantle of tribe leader.