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Sneak of the Week: Season 7, Episode 6

Posted By kim_messina 12:58pm GMT

In the episode titled, "Losing Battles," when Denise helps Michael sort through Claudia Joy's clothes for charity, the pain of losing her best friend resurfaces. Eddie's impending deployment prompts Caroline to insist on living with her real mother, not Maggie. Gloria regrets moving so fast with Pat when he breaks the news that he'll be deploying the next day. Joan has a hard time juggling work and parenthood when David gets sick from his new drug regimen.

"Losing Battles" airs Sunday, April 14 at 9/8c. Watch a sneak peek in which Gloria gets a text message from her new love interest, Pat, and Holly enthusiastically tries to help Gloria:

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Sneak of the Week: Season 7, Episode 5

Posted By kim_messina 12:29pm GMT

In the episode titled, "Disarmament," Gloria meets a new guy at the Hump bar, Jackie's son comes home with some surprising news and Denise and Frank celebrate another anniversary apart. Joan has a disagreement with Latasha and Maggie after the boys get in trouble again and Holly is disappointed when she can't talk to Tim after his squad is ambushed.

"Disarmament" airs Sunday, April 7 at 9/8c. Watch a sneak peek, in which Denise and Frank celebrate their wedding anniversary while being apart:

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Pamela and Chase Back Together for Good?

Posted By LifetimeLisaR 12:19pm GMT

Let's take a little walk down the long road Pamela and Chase Moran — and the fans who love them — have been on during "Army Wives," shall we? From the day we first met the Morans until their divorce last season, we've seen the couple through ups, downs, fights and steamy makeup sessions — Chase's demanding job with Delta and subsequent disappearing acts often the catalyst. So when Mr. Moran returned to win back Pamela in the Season 4 finale, we were on the edges of our seats to see what was next with this hot couple.

And then Pamela kissed her partner Boone (which only 27% of you were okay with). But then she realized that she did still love Chase and THEN, in last Sunday's "Army Wives," he finally returned.

Watch Chase and Pamela renew their relationship in this romantic montage from "Army Wives" Season 5, Episode 5:

What do you think is next for Pamela and Chase (or as we call them on Twitter, "Chamela"!)? Do you think they are back together for good? Do you think Chase should leave his job? Comment below and let us know if you're Team Chamela!

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