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Sneak of the Week: Season 7, Episode 6

Posted By kim_messina 12:58pm GMT

In the episode titled, "Losing Battles," when Denise helps Michael sort through Claudia Joy's clothes for charity, the pain of losing her best friend resurfaces. Eddie's impending deployment prompts Caroline to insist on living with her real mother, not Maggie. Gloria regrets moving so fast with Pat when he breaks the news that he'll be deploying the next day. Joan has a hard time juggling work and parenthood when David gets sick from his new drug regimen.

"Losing Battles" airs Sunday, April 14 at 9/8c. Watch a sneak peek in which Gloria gets a text message from her new love interest, Pat, and Holly enthusiastically tries to help Gloria:

View pictures from Season 7, Episode 6:


Celebrate the Season Finale with a Sweeps and More!

Posted By kim_messina 2:08pm GMT

We’re celebrating the "Army Wives" season finale (taking place THIS SUNDAY at 10/9c on Lifetime) with a four-day Twitter sweepstakes and more!

To enter for a chance to win an "Army Wives" prize pack, complete with two DVD sets and the very book that inspired the series, follow @ArmyWives on Twitter and get ready to tweet about your favorite moments (as directed each day by @ArmyWives). Here are more details on when and how you can enter for a chance to win (more info in the official rules).

Share Your Favorite "Army Wives" Moments!
Beginning Thursday, September 6 at 2:30 pm ET, we’ll invite you to share your favorite "Army Wives" moments with us for a chance to win an "Army Wives" prize pack ! To participate, follow @ArmyWives and use the special hashtag as directed by @ArmyWives when responding (sweeps runs daily; check official rules for times and more details).

Test Your Knowledge in "Army Wives" Trivia!
Beginning Sunday, September 9 at 9 pm ET, we’ll be hosting a special "Army Wives" trivia session to help you prep for the season finale! To flex your mental muscles (and enter for a chance to win one of two "Army Wives" prize packs), follow @ArmyWives for the questions and use the special hashtag #ArmyWivesTrivia when answering (sweeps runs until 11 pm ET).

Live Tweet With the "Army Wives" Stars!
Beginning Sunday, September 9 at 10 pm ET, actors Sally Pressman (@SallyPressman), Wendy Davis (@wendyDofficial) and JJ Soria (@JJSoria) will be tweeting with us. Make sure to follow their Twitter handles and use the hashtag #ArmyWives to stay in the convo!

Good luck, and don’t forget to tune in for the season finale Sunday, September 9 at 10/9c on Lifetime!


Tune-In Alert: "Army Wives" Mini-Marathon on LMN!

Posted By kim_messina 11:05am GMT

Missed the past few episodes of "Army Wives"? No worries — on Saturday, August 25, beginning at 8/7c, LMN will be airing the past four episodes of "Army Wives" back-to-back. The episodes include: "Baby Steps," "Centennial," "The War at Home" and "Handicap".

There's only two new episodes left of Season 6, so make sure you tune-in to get all the scoop on what's going on at Fort Marshall. New episodes of "Army Wives" airs on Sundays at 10/9c on Lifetime.

What has been your favorite episode of "Army Wives" Season 6?


Tune-In Alert: "Army Wives" Mini-Marathon on Lifetime!

Posted By kim_messina 11:16am GMT

Starting this Sunday, June 24, "Army Wives" is back in full force — and that includes a mini-marathon on June 25! Beginning at 4/3c Lifetime will be airing five Season 6 episode back-to-back. The episodes include: "After Action Report," "Fallout," "Blood Relative," "General Complications" and "Fatal Reaction."

"Army Wives" regularly airs on Sundays at 10/9c.

Are you going to watch the "Army Wives" mini-marathon?


"Dancing With the Stars" Winner J.R. Martinez to Star on Season 6!

Posted By kim_messina 4:20pm GMT

Talk about life imitating art! "Dancing With the Stars" Season 13 champ and former Army soldier and wounded veteran J.R. Martinez is set to make an appearance on an August episode of Season 6. J.R. will play a physical therapist who works with wounded veterans, and he'll make his trip down to Charleston, South Carolina, to film his spot next month.

"Army Wives" comes back with all-new episodes starting June 24 at 10/9c.

Who else would you like to see guest star on "Army Wives" Season 6?

Photo: Valerie Macon/Getty Images


Tune-In Alert: "Army Wives" Marathon on LMN!

Posted By kim_messina 12:38pm GMT

Going crazy waiting for new episodes of "Army Wives" to start on June 24? Luckily, you won't have to wait until then to get your fill! Lifetime Movie Network (LMN) will be airing Season 6 episodes of "Army Wives" on Saturday nights starting June 9. The schedule is as follows:

June 9, starting at 6/5c: "Army Wives" Season 6 episodes 1-6
June 16, starting at 7/6c: "Army Wives" Season 6 episodes 7-11
June 23, starting at 10/9c: "Army Wives" Season 6 episodes 12-13

And once you catch up on the first 13 episodes of Season 6, make sure to tune to the premiere of Episode 14 on June 24 at 10/9c on Lifetime.

What's been your favorite episode of Season 6 so far?


Sound Off: What Happened to Claudia Joy?

Posted By kim_messina 4:31pm GMT

Now that's a cliffhanger! [Spoiler Alert!] On last night's episode of "Army Wives," after what was thought to be a successful kidney transplant, Claudia Joy's fate quickly turned bad after she flatlined on the operating table, leaving fans guessing: will Claudia Joy survive?

"CJ just can't die. Please don't let her die. A lot of tears in their eyes in previews, but please don't let her die," myLifetime.com user pachilds wrote. "Only me guessing but I think maybe CJ does die," user Penny Winter added.

All will be revealed when "Army Wives" returns on June 24 in its new time, 10/9c. Talk about the longest five weeks of our lives!

Sound off: what do you think will happen to Claudia Joy? Will she live or die?


New Episodes of "Army Wives" Start June 24!

Posted By kim_messina 2:35pm GMT

Rejoice, "Army Wives" fans! Just when you thought you were going to have to wait months for new episodes after this Sunday's jaw-dropping episode, it was just announced that "Army Wives" is returning on June 24! The series will be in a new time slot at 10/9c, and will immediately follow "Drop Dead Diva," which premieres on June 3.

Susan Lucci returns to "Army Wives" this Sunday when Claudia Joy prepares for her kidney transplant, putting the tribe, Michael, her family and Fort Marshall on edge as she braces for the high-risk procedure and the fight of her life. See photos from the episode here and watch the trailer here.

What do you think is going to happen on "Army Wives" this Sunday?


Catch Up With the First Five Season 6 Episodes Online

Posted By LisaRaphael 1:33pm GMT

If you need to play "Army Wives" catch up — you're in luck! As a special thank you to our wonderful fans, you can now watch Season 6, Episodes 1-5 (yes, including last night's show!) online until Sunday.

Watch the ones you missed... or just watch 'em all again:
Episode 1: "Winds of War"
Episode 2: "Perchance to Dream"
Episode 3: "The Best of Friends"
Episode 4: "Learning Curve"
Episode 5: "True Colors"

What has been your favorite moment from "Army Wives" Season 6 so far?


Exclusive "Army Wives" Q&A With Craig Morgan

Posted By LisaRaphael 7:00pm GMT

We're not quite sure how we feel abut new Army Wife Jackie Clarke just yet, but when it comes to her choice in musical guests to serenade Fort Marshall, we have to give her a standing ovation! Country star Craig Morgan guest stars on Episode 4 of "Army Wives" this Sunday, marking his acting debut and performing at an event on the show. In an exclusive Q&A with the "Army Wives" Blog, Craig shares his own Army story with fans, spills which of the show's hubbies he'd switch places with and tells us which songs he's playing on Sunday's show.

I think the fans will be surprised to know how closely you actually relate to “Army Wives"! Tell us more about why you were such a perfect fit to guest star and perform on the show.
Craig Morgan:
I was in the Army active duty for over ten years, so I can relate to both the soldiers and the Army Wives in the show. I have my own "Army Wife" of 24 years at home… you just can’t undo that training! There is definitely a special dynamic among the military community and I think "Army Wives" does a good job of showing that while taking creative liberties in plotting the story line. The show does bring attention to the fact that there are families involved and affected by every decision our government makes regarding military action. It gives military families and veterans a show they can relate to and provides insight into life on post for civilians… with a bit of dramatic flair, of course! This was a perfect place for me to make my scripted acting debut and I'm incredibly proud to be part this episode.

Besides having lived the life, had you tuned in to "Army Wives" before?
I had definitely seen the show (even though I don't get to watch as much TV because of my tour schedule), but yes. My wife is a fan too, so she gives me updates. The ladies at my label were really excited about this appearance too. There are several HUGE fans of the show there and I hear a lot about it on the road from fans!

Our fans love behind-the-scenes stories — what was it like being on the set of “Army Wives”? Any funny stories from the set or were you nervous at all?
I wasn't really nervous because I was playing myself so I couldn't mess it up too bad. Plus, I've had plenty of experience being in front of the camera with my own show "Craig Morgan All Access Outdoors." I have to say that being on set with "Army Wives" was such a great experience. Everyone was so nice and great to work with — total pros!

One thing that I found funny was the boots; the ladies on the show have to stand around so much on the set and we were outside so the high heels had to come off during the down time. There was someone who would come and wipe off the heels. And I guess standing around in high heels is not so comfortable... I know I hear my wife complaining when we are standing on the red carpet for a long time!

How did you choose which songs to perform on “Army Wives” and why do you think the AW fans will love those particular tunes?
"This Ole Boy" is my current single on country radio and it really describes my life and just an everyday lifestyle. "Love Loves a Long Night" is my first "sexy song" and I think it was perfect for the story in this episode. It's a sultry song about love and how you never want the night to end when you're with your sweetheart.

If you could return to the show and create your dream character, who it would be? And if you got to take over for one of the Army Husbands — who would it be?
Well, since I’ve already been on the show as myself and I have talked with the Army about serving in some capacity again so I can officially retire out — I only lack three years or so — I could come back as myself reenlisting. That could be fun! Like the Craig Morgan character, but not! Then, since [one of the Army Wives] wanted to go to the concert so badly, I could do another concert so she can go, maybe even cause a little onscreen drama. Haha!

If I was taking over for one of the husbands on the show, I'd probably pick Frank Sherwood because he is a such a proud soldier and commanding leader… and Catherine Bell would be a nice perk! I’m so glad I have my own cool former Army wife!

Visit Craig Morgan's official site for more info about the country singer — and enter the Craig Morgan & "Army Wives" Sweepstakes to win CDs, an autographed guitar and "Army Wives" goodies!