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Countdown to Season 7: Spotlight on Best Kisses

Posted By kim_messina 10:00am GMT

Sealed with a kiss! There have been many memorable kisses over the past six season. Here are our top three:

Pamela and Chase's Second Wedding: Fans were always rooting for Pamela and Chase to reconcile and their wish came true when the couple got remarried at The Hump Bar in Season 5, Episode 7.

23rd Comes Home: In Season 5, Episode 9, Roxy and Trevor and Claudia Joy and Michael's reunion kisses go down as one of the most touching moments in "Army Wives" history.

Michael and Claudia Joy's Post-Surgery Reunion: Not a kiss in the traditional sense, but in Season 6, Episode 14 when Michael kisses Claudia Joy's hand after he tells her, "We almost lost you," it'll bring even the toughest person to tears.

View the best kisses in photos:
-Season 6, Episode 18: Baby Steps
-Season 6, Episode1 4: Fatal Reaction
-Season 5, Episode 7: Countermeasures
-First Look Season 5, Episode 9: Strategic Alliances
-Season 5, Episode 9: Strategic Alliances
-Coming Home Moments
-Season 4, Episode 13: Army Strong

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