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Catherine Bell Talks "Army Wives" Season 5 Finale & "Last Man Standing"

Posted By LifetimeLisaR 5:10pm GMT

We all love her as sweet Denise Sherwood in “Army Wives,” but in her upcoming movie, “Last Man Standing,” premiering June 6 at 9/8c on Lifetime, Catherine Bell plays a woman concealing a dark past as a military-trained special-ops agent. We chatted with Catherine about going from “Army Wives” to action, doing serious stunts in her new flick and saying goodbye to her son Jeremy during Season 5 in the interview below!

What is it like going from playing an Army wife to playing an actual, former Marine — in "Last Man Standing"?
I love it! To me, in acting the most fun thing is mixing it up — going from playing a wife who started off being abused by her son and going through all of this emotional stuff, and then just going into full-on action mode and Special Ops, secret-agent stuff. Maybe next time I’ll get to do some sort of period piece or something completely different from all those things, you know?

What do you think Denise Sherwood and Abby, your character in “Last Man Standing,” would have to talk about if Abby were to hang out with the “Army Wives” crew?
(laughs) I think she’d probably have a lot to say! She obviously knows a lot about the military. More than anything, she’s a mom, she’s a wife, she’s a strong woman, and those are all things that seem to be very central to an Army or military spouse as well, so she might fit right in.

You do stunts in the movie “Last Man Standing,” and we know that Terry Serpico, who plays your husband Frank Sherwood on “Army Wives,” has a stunt background — did he give you any pointers?
That’s right, he does! No, he didn’t give me any pointers, but we did talk about it a little bit. He’s a real stuntman; I obviously had a stunt girl for some of the more dangerous things. I got to do a lot of it, but anytime there’s any risk involved, they let a professional do that sort of thing. My stunt girl was amazing. I don’t want to give anything away, but there was a cable rig that was attached to her chest that pulls her back and she gets knocked back. She actually flew back and hit her head on the concrete. If it was me, I would have been definitely down for the count, but she was amazing! She took a couple of minutes, shook it off, got up and was like, “Let’s do it again!”

What can we expect from the “Army Wives” finale? Is there a cliffhanger? What can you tell us without giving too much away?
That’s always a challenge! Well, every character is obviously going through so many things, you know … Roxy is running into her challenges with opening up her truck stop, and Denise and Tanya, Jeremy’s fiance, are getting closer and helping each other through the loss of Jeremy. But I think the big thing is that there’s huge, unexpected news that we all get as a group that — of course I can’t give away — but it really forces us all to take a look at where we’re going next in our lives and what’s the next step for each of us. Really, it’s a big shocker, and I guess it is a bit of a cliffhanger in that sense.

Have you seen scripts for next season yet?
Not yet! I think all of the writers — as they should be — are on vacation at the moment!

This past season of “Army Wives” was huge for Denise because she lost her son, Jeremy. How has it been filming without Bubba on set?
Oh man! I think one of the hardest things about filming those episodes was knowing that Bubba — Richard, we call him Bubba — was going away. I adore that man — I call him a man because he’s actually, like, 25, even though he plays 19. But yeah, such a sweetheart! He’s almost like a kid to me, like a real kid, he’s just a good, good person. He’s a Charleston boy, born and raised in Charleston! So we still see him and hang out. He takes my daughter Gemma fishing.

But man, we miss him! That final scene, the one with him in the coffin (watch the video above) — brutal! So hard to shoot, and we were all sobbing because we were saying goodbye to him and the character.

Read the rest of the interview with Catherine Bell here and tune in to "Last Man Standing" Monday, June 6 at 8/7c on Lifetime! Catherine Bell will be on Twitter (@reallycb) talking with fans for the first hour of the movie, starting at 8 pm et. And don't forget — there are still two more episodes left in "Army Wives" Season 5. Catch Episode 12 this Sunday night at 9/8c and flip through photos here.


Our Exclusive Richard "Bubba" Bryant Interview: Part 3

Posted By LifetimeLisaR 5:04pm GMT

In true “Army Wives” fashion, I ended yesterday’s Bubba Bryant interview with a bit of a cliffhanger, stopping just as I turned the topic over to the ladies in Bubba’s life — both on screen and off! Read the third and final installment of my chat with the actor behind Jeremy Sherwood to find out if the star is single, whether he would date Amanda Holden or Tonya Gabriel in real life and what is in his (very bright) future.

Many of our Facebook and Twitter fans would switch places with Amanda and Tonya.
Well let 'em know that Bubba’s single!

I’ll put the word out, don’t worry! In real life would you fall for someone more like Tonya or Amanda?
Who would Bubba fall for?! Let America know; my perfect girl would be a girl that goes surfing with me, goes fishing with me and is just chill, calm, relaxed and loves life. 'Cause that’s what I am. I love life, I love people and to find a girl like that? She’s out there somewhere! Tell her I’m waiting — I’ll be waiting for her.

Will you be back in future episodes for flashbacks or anything like that?
Yes, Jeremy will surface in the next few episodes. They’re going to have flashbacks and everything. Let’s not count on or bet on Jeremy coming back in ghost form!

What do you think will happen to Tonya? A lot of people think that she’s pregnant.
I don’t know about the pregnancy thing because he… he wasn’t doing too much “romancing” out there. I mean, she could be pregnant… They definitely will continue to use her — she’s such a great actress. She’s from Julliard. This is her first film thing that she’s ever done. She was great. I mean, we would be doing takes — I would do like, four takes, and then Erin would get up there — one take wonder! ‘Great, Erin! Perfect!’ She could take Jeremy’s place in that they bonded with her, but time will tell. We don’t really know what’s going [to happen].

We have a strong Charleston, SC Twitter-base, and some of the fans have asked whether or not you plan on sticking around your hometown?
Yes! I’m a Charleston boy. I have 300 years of family in Charleston. My grandparents’ families have been here forever. I’ll be doing videotaped auditions, sending stuff out, but in the meantime, I’m not going to relocate to New York or Los Angeles. My grandfather told me that Charleston is the South’s best kept secret, (laughs) which I’m not really doing too much to keep. But Charleston’s amazing, if anyone wants to come down, they can come hear my band play at different bars around here!

Tell us more about your band!
It’s the Bubba Band! I’m the lead singer, and we play a lot of the hit songs on the radio and a lot of bar songs that you hear. We play a wide variety of popular songs; you know, anything ranging from “Baby Got Back” to “Simple Man” we cover “Crazy Game of Poker,” “Straight Up” by Paula Abdul. We have all the covers going on — I tab out all the stuff then teach it to the band.

I got started with the guitar when I used to play for Methodist youth around South Carolina and my youth minister was a statewide guitar player they would have play at different conferences. He taught me how to play. So when I started playing, I was playing for a group of people — and you’re playing with people you’re not performing. So when I’m playing at the bars, I’m playing with the people at the bar, I’m playing the songs that the people in the bar know all the words to and can sing along to. So it’s a fun time and definitely something that’s continuing. All of my songs are bluesy, jazzy — like Jack Johnson mixed with The Black Keys.

Getting back to the show, what will you miss most about your “Army Wives” family?
We did it for so long that it became a rhythm and going on set was a way for me to explore the art of acting. It was just so warm; there was no competition, there was no rushing. We just got to play, it was our little playground. And everybody knew each other and we’re all friends with each other, we’ve been together so long — I’m talking about crew, everybody! It’s a family, you know? It’s like high school. I’ve been through five years of it. They’re still going to be around, but… I’ve changed schools! It’s unfortunate, but it had to happen.

Who are you closest with on the show?
Terry and Catherine — they’re like my parents. I’m always hanging out with them, they’re always checking up on me. Terry was my roommate, so I will definitely say… Terry! But I can’t even say Terry more than Catherine because I hang out with both of them. I helped Catherine move the other day and when I was in Los Angeles, Catherine invited me to her house and showed me all the spots and everything. But I’m close with everyone on the show, they all take care of me. I was the little brother. They were so nice. I was so privileged to be part of such a mature cast. There’s really no BS in the vibe here. Someone told me, ‘you’ll get through the honeymoon period and then people will start talking about each other’ — it never happened. Ever. Literally. Never happened. It was a fantasy first big gig.

“Army Wives” may be a drama, but off-camera, do you have any favorite funny moments?
We were filming one time and one of the camera guys had a fishing rod and I got to go fishing in Army gear. I didn’t catch anything but fishing in Army gear is pretty fun. And Catherine always messes with me. That’s something I’ll miss too. Catherine always messes with me because she’s gorgeous, and I play her son (laughs) so she’ll be like, ‘come to Mama!’

What will you take from this role to your next projects?
The world! I literally was given the golden ticket working with Catherine Bell, Kim Delaney, Brian McNamara all the directors that come in, Terry Serpico, Wendy Davis — all of these huge actors just opened up their book and gave me acting skills, set skills, work ethic. I know how everything works and I know what doesn’t work and I know when to speak and when not to speak. All because of “Army Wives” — they showed me exactly how to do it. On other sets, things go so fast and people get frustrated and there’s more tension, but on the set of “Army Wives” there is laughing and playing. It’s a very comfortable set to learn on.

What are your dream projects for the future? Since you’re a self-proclaimed Romeo, would you want to do romantic comedies?
My dream job would be “The Avengers.” I like action movies, and things like that. I’m a sports guy, so of course I like doing that. And being under Terry’s wing, where he’s done all of the stunt stuff, that’s kind of what I want to do. But, movies! I want to continue to show the human condition. I’ve got it, I can make my body go, I can show what it is to be in certain different situations that humans go through and that’s why people watch. I want to continue to do that.

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    Our Exclusive Richard "Bubba" Bryant Interview: Part 2

    Posted By LifetimeLisaR 5:44pm GMT

    Yesterday we gave you a taste of our interview with “Army Wives” star Richard “Bubba” Bryant and I think it’s safe to say that we could all use a little more Jeremy Sherwood (and Bubba!) in our lives! Read on for Part 2 of our chat, where we ask the actor fan questions, who he watched the episode with and who the heck he’s talking to while we’re trying to interview him!

    It’s an understatement to say that the fans, who have gotten to know you over the past five years, had a strong reaction to your death. What was your family’s reaction when they saw the episode?
    Well, my mom’s side of the family was all military — they were all in the Navy. Fun fact; my grandmother and grandfather met on the military base that we film at! There are so many things that run parallel. When they talk about the funeral home on Calhoun Street? The funeral home on Calhoun Street is the family funeral home. Denise was Hazel in the flashback episode and my grandmother’s name is Hazel. A lot of parallels!

    My mom is an extra a lot on the show, but she couldn’t do any of the [Episode 4] scenes. But they were very proud of me and proud that I got to tell this story.

    Who did you watch the episode with?
    The first time that we saw it was with the cast — they screened it right before. And then the time that it showed on television, I didn’t want to watch it with anyone that I was really close to, because I wanted them to not have me around, to see the story and not be looking around and have Bubba there watching Jeremy — this is not “Bubba,” it’s Jeremy who dies. So I [watched with] one of my friends, this guy Anthony who’s a professional surfer and one of the soldiers, one of the extras. I grew up surfing with this kid, and he’s my boy! So I was able to watch it and kind of absorb it and have him there, have happy-go-lucky Anthony next to me.

    Did he cry?
    Yeah, he was crying too! When you’re watching, when they do the funeral in Afghanistan, he’s the guy on the absolute left that has his head down. But right after that we went out to a show at the Music Farm right around here and… I didn’t go to sleep until around 7 o’clock in the morning (laughs). You know? Have to celebrate! It’s a celebration. We’re changing the world right now. People need to know what’s going on in the war.

    How has the show changed your perspective on soldiers and families?
    When I was first doing the show and I went to Fort Bragg and I got to shadow all of these people and meet Army families and people saying, ‘thank you for what you do,’ I loved it. I have so much respect for these people. These people are so kind. It’s heart-wrenching and it’s tragic that people are losing their kids, their wives and their husbands going overseas trying to help humanitarian efforts. At the end of the day, everyone needs to take their hats off for the military.

    One of our Facebook fans asked: What was it like playing a soldier who was in combat? Did it feel too surreal as if you were facing your own mortality?
    That is a very good question! When you’re in the rhythm of the character, like when I did the post traumatic stress scenes, it was kind of hard for me to break away from that because your body tenses up. I’ve never been claustrophobic, but when I was laying in the coffin — ah, just thinking about it now! — I started freaking out. This is the reality, this is what happens. That’s where I’m going to be when I die.

    The day that we shot it was a little cold and the day started getting a little bit warmer so we started getting hot and then right when we started doing the scene where I die, this soft wind started to come across the rock quarry that we were at. And it was just this feeling — it was just so surreal. Everyone around us knew what was going on and there was just this silence and this calm wind, it was, I don’t know… very creepy and very weird. I opened up my eyes after the first take — where the medic came over and checked me — and there was a vulture circling over me. The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes were vultures circling! There was something in the air that day.

    We keep talking about his death, but Jeremy has been through so many things over the five seasons of the show. What was the most challenging thing for you to go through as an actor?
    The scenes when Jeremy got back into town and he had the death of [Pvt. Mark] Rison on his shoulders. He doesn’t talk about it. He does the soldier thing and he just keeps it in and keeps it in. And when he gets to explode in the first episode of the fourth season when Roland and I had the psychological breakthrough and me crying — that was a release. But the holding it in, holding in the guilt of his friend’s death and just embodying that and putting that in my head? I want to feel it, whatever happiness in my life — I want to tune that out and concentrate on what he’s going through so I can show what exactly happens to a human being when he goes through that. And I would come home and it would kill me, because your mind makes your body clench up and it was so hard for me to shake that once I would get home. Even thinking about it now, thinking about what these kids go through. But the Rison stuff, when I got home from Iraq, the whole suicide thing, that was definitely the toughest time but at the same time the most rewarding as an actor. We want to go into these different bodies and walk in their shoes and when there’s something that powerful that we get to go into, it’s… I don’t know. It’s cool to feel the human condition. But that was the hardest part definitely.

    Bubba is talking to someone in the background. I have to ask; who are you talking to?
    (laughs) Oh, my dog! Yeah, I’ve got a “labra-dog,” he’s pretty cool. I had just gotten Jackson — that’s my dog — I had him for six months before we did the Lucky [the LeBlanc’s dog] stuff. And so I had already developed that relationship with the dog and learned how to deal with dogs. The animal trainer was like, ‘oh my gosh, have you done this before?’

    We’ve been through all of your character’s hardships — but what about when you get to fall in love on the show? With Amanda Holden in Season 1 and Tonya in the last two seasons.
    I mean, that’s just fun, you know? I’m a “Romeo” — I love falling in love! So those scenes, and Kim Allen and Erin Krakow, are amazing. They’re so good — and I got to make out with them!

    Alright, "Army Wives" fans, I'm going to make you wait until tomorrow to hear more from Romeo — er, Bubba here. And yes, we did find out if he is single or taken. Catch you back here tomorrow!

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    Our Exclusive Richard "Bubba" Bryant Interview: Part 1

    Posted By LifetimeLisaR 5:40pm GMT

    Along with you, the 4.8 million "Army Wives" fans (and the 30,000-and-counting Twitter fans!) that tuned in to the episode that changed everything on Fort Marshall, I was devastated to say goodbye to our favorite Army son, Jeremy Sherwood.

    Having started at Lifetime in the middle of Season 4 of "Army Wives," I'm (admittedly!) a late-to-the-game fan. But watching the show from Episode 1 at the same time as watching it in "real" time meant that I got to see the many sides of Jeremy — both his early struggles and the strong man he would grow to be.

    After this season’s heart-breaking Episode 4, it seemed that I wasn't the only one who wanted more Jeremy — and more of the actor who plays him, Richard “Bubba” Bryant. After compiling questions from Twitter and Facebook friends, I caught up with Bubba (after a game of golf with his former cast mates) to talk all things “Army Wives” — okay, and be totally charmed by his Charleston drawl.

    Hey, Bubba! You just finished a game of golf, I hear?
    Bubba: We [Terry Serpico and Brian McNamara] just got off the golf course. Terry hit a little bit better than I did. We actually got third place in the golf tournament — Brian got second.

    Sounds like fun! What has life since your last episode aired been like?
    Facebook and the social networks have just been blowing up! So many people have been like, ‘thank you so much for the show,’ and ‘you did a great job. We’re going to miss you!’ So many different friends on facebook are asking me what I’m doing next — and I’m in Charleston right now looking for a job! (laughs) In the meantime, I’m going back to school for biology. In between jobs, I don’t want to be bartending. I’m a junior so I have a year and a half to two years left in biology.

    What is the question you’ve been asked most often besides ‘what’s next’?
    People have been asking me, ‘are you sad to get killed off?’ and I’m honored. I get butterflies in my stomach — I got to tell such an important story. It has nothing to do with me. This is a story that needed to be told and that “Army Wives” had the privilege of being able to touch so many people with. “Army Wives” had the opportunity of doing it with the development of Jeremy over the past five years. It’s such a cool thing that I get to be a part of. It’s going to be hard for me to find another job with such an important back story.

    How did you find out what was going to happen with Jeremy?
    Jeff [Melvoin, executive producer] called me right before Christmas and he was telling me about it. He felt really bad and not only are they losing me, but the character that they’ve been developing for so long! But it’s just something that has to happen or we wouldn’t be true to the story. The first reaction is ‘Damn it, I lost my job.’ And the second reaction is ‘My gosh, this is far beyond me!’ I’m a little bit a part of it but this is way beyond me and I’m so privileged to be a part of it.

    Were you the first cast member to find out?
    Yes! I was. And I had to keep it a secret.

    Whoa, and you had to keep it a secret from the other actors? For how long?
    (laughs) About a month or so. I talked to Catherine about it. Catherine was the only one who really knew about it before. I didn’t want it to be a big surprise [for her].

    What was her reaction?
    She was like, ‘oh my gosh,’ you know? She was baffled by it as well. Once everyone found out they were sad, they were like, ‘so sorry we’re going to lose you!’ It’s unfortunate, but it’s even more cool that I got to be a part of that story line. 4.8 million viewers — most watched “Army Wives” ever on Lifetime had my face all over it.

    All of the fans had theories about who was going to die, did the cast know someone was going to die?
    No, they didn’t know anything. They didn’t know what the story line was at all.

    Here, we knew that someone was going to die — I waited to watch the show with the fans but had to find out who was going to die before the episode aired. A lot of the Facebook and Twitter followers thought it was going to be Chase.
    Well see, it wouldn’t have been as powerful! He’s a husband, he’s around every now and then, but the ups and downs — the rollercoaster ride that the audience has been on with Jeremy makes him closer to their heart, that he’s a son. They saw him as a child and they saw him as a soldier. (laughs) So poetic! People have been telling me, you know, they see people die on other television shows and they see people die on [movies like] “Hurt Locker” and stuff like that, but there’s literally been a half of a decade of these people growing up with Jeremy and we got the golden ticket to tell the story and it fit perfectly. Terry Serpico was amazing, Catherine Bell was amazing. Those two — oh god!

    Stay tuned to the "Army Wives" Blog and Official Facebook and Twitter to read Parts 2 & 3 of our interview with Richard "Bubba" Bryant as he answers fan questions, reveals his hidden talent and really makes us want to visit Charleston, SC!