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"Army Wives" Season 3 Finale Thoughts

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 2:00am GMT

We told you the finale would be dramatic! We bet you believe us now! Did Jeremy shoot himself while his parents were right outside the house? Will Joan survive the enemy attack? Are the Morans done for good? Wow! So much drama. At least the LeBlancs got good news about Roxy expecting a little one and Michael got his big promotion. But what havoc Lenore Baker will cause for the Holdens now that she’s back is anybody’s guess! Oh, how we missed Lenore and her evil antics. She always keeps things lively. Remember how she made up that rumor that Michael wasn’t Amanda’s dad? So vicious, but that’s why we love to hate her.

Now it’s time to vote in our weekly poll. If you want to catch an encore of the finale, you can watch it online starting on Monday. (It’ll be up for 30 days, so enjoy!) And as we’ve said before, keep coming back to the blog to get updates on the next season — we’ll be posting all year long and we want to keep hearing from you. Now, time for the poll, so have at it!

Most Gripping Finale Story?


The "Army Wives" Finale Is Airing Tonight!

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 9:05am GMT

The fate of all hangs in the balance on tonight's episode. For some, it will be great news, while others will be devastated. It's a jaw-dropper. Trust us, we've seen it! So, we have an official mission for you after you watch: Be sure to come back on Monday and vote for your favorite moment of the night in our "Army Wives" weekly poll. We’ll also have some suggestions for you on how to survive the wait until the next season.

The most important thing? Keep coming back to the blog so we can share news with you about the stars, the next season and more! Plus, you can stay in the loop with @armywives on Twitter (Remember to hash tag your posts with #armywives!) and Facebook, and by signing up for the "Army Wives" newsletter.