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"Army Wives Confidential": Breaking the Code

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 5:29pm GMT

"Army Wives" star Brian McNamara explains why his character, General Michael Holden, has such a hard time dealing with Denise's forbidden relationship with Getti in this latest clip from "Army Wives Confidential":


"Army Wives Confidential": Trevor, Less Than Perfect?

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 4:58pm GMT

"Army Wives" star Drew Fuller ventured into some serious method acting territory to help explore his character Trevor's darkest days.

Watch this clip from "Army Wives Confidential" to find out what he did to get into character, and far away from the light of "perfect" Trevor:


Wendy Davis Gets Into Playing Pregnant on "Army Wives"

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 6:17pm GMT

myLifetime member kimby03 thinks that Joan will remain at Fort Marshall and will not deploy, getting some more time to spend with her new baby girl, Sarah Elizabeth.

Do you agree? Sound off and share your own opinions of what's to come when Season 3 of "Army Wives" returns in June here.

Watch this clip from the latest "Army Wives Confidential" where actress Wendy Davis (Joan Burton) shares some on-set silliness and the lengths she'll go to prove she's committed to playing pregnant by digging into donuts.


"Army Wives Confidential": Evan Connor Ruffles Pamela's Feathers

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 6:31pm GMT

Brigid Brannagh, Brian McNamara and Wendy Davis discuss the effects of having new character Evan Connor on post, and how he's shaking things up with his aggressive power plays — including shutting down Pamela's successful radio show:

Did Evan Cross the Line?

Talk about Evan Connor, his wife Jennifer, and the rest of the "Army Wives" characters on the "Army Wives" Community.


"Army Wives"' Drew Fuller & Sally Pressman on Trevor's Season 2 Injury

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 5:52pm GMT

How difficult was it for the LeBlancs to film the scene where Trevor gets shot overseas? Find out what Sally Pressman and Drew Fuller's reactions were in this clip from "Army Wives Confidential":

Watch new behind-the-scenes clips Sundays at 10 pm et/pt during Season 2 episodes of "Army Wives," and find out what really went down on the set.

Talk about these scenes and more over on the "Army Wives" Community right now.


"Army Wives Confidential" Video

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 5:57pm GMT

Check out the latest clips from "Army Wives Confidential."

Kim Delaney (Claudia Joy Holden) & Brian McNamara (Michael Holden) reveal the secretive nature of filming the opening episode of "Army Wives" Season 2:

Here's Brigid Brannagh's (Pamela Moran) take on it:

Don't forget to tune in Sundays at 10 pm et/pt for even more revealing moments from "Army Wives" Season 2.


Army Wives Confidential: Watch a Preview Now

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 5:46pm GMT

Watch a preview of Army Wives Confidential, beginning January 18 on Lifetime, where the cast reveals behind-the-scenes gossip from the making of "Army Wives" Season 2: