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Happy New Years "Army Wives" Fans! Enjoy Another DVD Giveaway!

Posted By Rachel C. 10:39am GMT

To help you celebrate the beginning of 2010 and the upcoming season of "Army Wives," we decided to kick things off with another DVD giveaway. So, here’s the topic: Come up with resolution for any of the "Army Wives" characters for you chance to win season two on DVD. Need some examples: Chase should have a resolution to compliment Pamela every day in order to let her know that she's appreciated. Or Roxy should have a resolution to forgive her mom and let her visit more this year. Or the Sherwoods could have a resolution to become the coolest motorcycling couple in the military.

The resolutions can be anything you want! The idea is to have a little fun here and for us to reward you for being such great show fans. Five lucky winners will win the DVD. Post your responses here on the blog. As always, don't forget to read the rules before you post. We can't wait to hear your ideas!


Which "Army Wives" Star Would You Love to Hear From? Help Us Choose and Win!

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 6:15pm GMT

We're looking to the fans to help us pick an "Army Wives" cast member to interview to get the scoop before Season 4. Choose a cast member in the poll question and leave a comment below with what question you'd like to ask them. Who knows, we may pick yours! We'll be giving away Season 2 DVDs to the best ones.

As always, don't forget to read the rules before you post. You must leave a comment to be eligible for a DVD prize.

Pick Your Favorite "Army Wives" Star


Who Should Get Their Own "Army Wives" Spin-Off Show? Sound Off and Win!

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 11:15pm GMT

"Frasier" was a spin-off from "Cheers." "Laverne & Shirley" stemmed from "Happy Days." And "Melrose Place" came from "Beverly Hills 90210." So we want to know ... if "Army Wives" got a spin-off, which major or minor characters would it feature, and why? Let us know and one of you will win Season 2 of the show on DVD.

Post your responses here on the blog. As always, don't forget to read the rules before you post. We can't wait to hear your ideas!


Cast Your Favorite Star In "Army Wives" and Win a Season 2 DVD

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 12:13pm GMT

"Army Wives" has had its share of great guest stars since the beginning (Rumer Willis, Kelly Bishop, Barbara Eden), and now we want you to play "casting director" and cast your dream guest star on the show.

Leave a comment here on the blog with the name of your favorite actor or actress you'd love to see make a guest appearance on "Army Wives" and what character they could play.

Don't forget that the Hump Bar has had some great cameos by musicians too (Jack Ingram, Shelby Lynne), so take a shot at giving your favorite band or singer a gig at the biggest bar on post!

We'll award our favorite "dream casting" with a copy of "Army Wives" Season 2 on DVD. (Don't forget to read the rules before you post.)


"Army Wives" Week 1 Book Giveaway Winner Revealed! Are You Next?

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 1:09pm GMT

The winner of our first "Army Wives" signed book giveaway is myLifetime.com member cherylann1464. Congratulations!

Now, onto week two! Read the rules to enter for another chance to win a signed copy of "Army Wives" by Tanya Biank. To enter, simply leave a comment here in this blog post.

What would you love to see happen in Season 3? Sound off here, and who knows, maybe you'll be a winner this time next week? Have at it!

Review the full rules here.


A DVD Winner and Our First Weekly "Army Wives" Giveaway Begins!

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 4:50pm GMT

Are you the winner of our "Army Wives" Season 1 DVD giveaway? You're about to find out! We had an amazing amount of responses, but, unfortunately, can only have one lucky winner.

Congratulations to myLifetime member slgordon! You'll be hearing from us soon about your prize.

Today is also the announcement of our first "Army Wives" book giveaway! We'll be giving away an autographed copy of "Army Wives" by author Tanya Biank to one lucky winner each week until the return of "Army Wives" Season 3.

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment here on the blog in this post. It's so simple, how could you not give it a shot? Post away!

By the way, make sure to read the official rules here.