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Episode 13 Recap: What Do You Think Happened to Chase?

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 4:59pm GMT

Talk about a dramatic cliffhanger! Not since the bombing of the Hump Bar in the Season 1 finale have we all wanted to nervously bite our nails while awaiting what would happen next.

Okay, so we know you’re anxious to find out what happened to Pamela's beloved husband. In the meantime, that shouldn’t stop you all from having a little fun speculating. Hence, it's time for the weekly "Army Wives" poll!

What In the World Happened to Chase?

Got another theory? Have at it below, and let us know! We’ll put the best answer in an upcoming "Army Wives" newsletter, as well as on our "Army Wives" Twitter and Facebook pages. Also, in case you missed the last blog post, we’ve got another DVD giveaway going. If you want to take home Season 2 on DVD, enter now.

Just in case you need more of an episode recap: Claudia Joy fights to keep her diabetes a secret, Denise wants to put her nursing skills to good use riding in the back of an ambulance, Trevor is stumbling a bit to become a super-recruiter and the Burtons’ pre-deployment romance was a big old bust.

Now that you’re up to speed, so go enter that sweeps we mentioned above!


Episode 12 Recap

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 12:07am GMT

Well, between the last episode and this week who out there wasn’t biting their nails wondering what would happen to Denise and Claudia Joy after their car crash. Luckily, they were both OK (big sigh of relief!) and nurse Denise definitely helped care for her BFF until the paramedics arrived on the scene. Unfortunately, the cause for Claudia Joy’s bad driving that night was her blurred vision ... which she just found out is the result of diabetes. How this will affect all is sure to be a powerful storyline, especially for someone like Claudia Joy who can’t always put her health first when she’s tending to everyone else's needs.

Diabetes affects millions of people and their families. Check out our "Army Wives" Supports Diabetes Awareness page for more information.

Time to talk about the lighter side of this week’s show: Nothing is cuter than the little LeBlanc boys, especially the scene where Trevor took T.J. fishing in order to help get him past a little bit of sibling rivalry. Absolutely adorable!

Now on to our weekly "Army Wives" poll...

In honor of the "Project Runway" debut on Lifetime this past Thursday, we decided to make this week’s “Army Wives” poll about fashion. Which of the ladies of the show has the best sense of style. Weigh in and tell us! We’ll reveal the results in the weekly "Army Wives" newsletter that comes out on Friday. So vote below.

And don’t forget...this is the last week to win a signed Jack Ingram CD in our blog giveaway, so go post a comment for your chance at the prize!

The Ultimate "Army Wives" Fashionista Is


Episode 9 Recap & Season 2 DVD Giveaway!

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 12:01am GMT

Tonight's episode was full of twist and turns! First off, Haneen and Emmalin's special bond helps heal Michael's relationship with his daughter, Finn is the secret little genius of the LeBlanc household and Frank is being sent back overseas when his relationship with Denise is just beginning to brighten.

What was the most surprising moment of tonight's episode? Let us know, and you're eligible to win "Army Wives" Season 2 on DVD. Just leave a comment, and you're entered. (Read the official rules here.)

Most Surprising Moment of Episode 9?

If you missed last night's episode, don't worry. Watch it online, exclusively on myLifetime.com! Watch "Army Wives" full episodes now.


Is This Marriage Ending Too Fast?

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 8:19pm GMT

Frank is home for what felt like the blink of an eye, and now these two are signing splitsville papers and Denise is moving away? Wow! Talk about a quickie divorce! Now it’s time to weigh in: Who are the optimistic romantics out there and who are the skeptical ones when it comes to the Sherwoods? Vote and let us know if you think these two should be calling it quits at warp speed without trying again.


Team Denise or Team Claudia Joy? Vote Now!

Posted By Antonia L. 9:51pm GMT

The tension between the two "Army Wives" BFFs during their confrontation was fantastic drama! And now it's time to choose a side, folks. Do you feel bad for Denise, who had her best friend slam a door in her face during a time of need? Remember that Denise lost her job and her lover all in one day! Or do you agree with Claudia Joy that Denise is no victim and that she brought her misery upon herself by cheating?


A Tough Week to Be a Soldier!

Posted By Antonia L. 10:06pm GMT

Episode 3 of “Army Wives” definitely had a few unexpected turns. Lots of drama for the soldiers at Fort Marshall! It looks like Trevor’s military career is sinking like the Titanic after a mishap with one of his soldiers when he was acting as team leader. Loyal-to-the-core Joan tries to stand up for him, but all that does is fuel her ongoing feud with the new second-in-command, Evan Connors. And then there’s Frank … poor Frank. Everyone but Frank seems to know that his wife has cheated for sure, and now he’s being sent home to hear it for himself from Denise.

On the upside, Pamela’s getting a new house, Roxy made money to fend off the IRS, and, best of all, Michael shows up at the eleventh hour, just when Claudia Joy was at her wit’s end with her daughter Emmalin’s antics.

Which soldier had the worst week?

Be sure to watch this week’s original webisode as Jeremy’s story continues, only online.

Sound off in the "Army Wives" Community about tonight's episode! See what other fans think of Season 3, then watch it online on myLifetime.com, beginning Monday morning.


Episode Recap: "About Face" (Season 3, Episode 2)

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 2:00am GMT

Another great "Army Wives" episode! Claudia Joy learns that pulling an about face isn't so easy when it comes to moving. While tackling the wave of emotions from a moody Emmalin, rerouting medical records, scouting new places to live and returned furniture with nowhere to go, she manages to keep cool when her frienemy Jennifer Connor shows up to take measurements ... for her future home. The nerve!


Episode Recap: Season 3 Premiere

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 2:38pm GMT

Can you believe that much happened in one hour? Let's start with Denise's downfall. She lost her job, her lover, her friends' respect and maybe her family all in one episode. Talk about having a bad day! Life for the Holdens doesn't seem much easier at the moment either. Michael is leaving Claudia Joy behind so she can help provide a more stable situation for Emmalin. That's equally heartbreaking to see them splitting up, even if it's a temporary thing. On the lighter side, it was fun watching Pamela slip back into her former kick-butt cop role in order to help Roxy bust Collin, who, by the way, is no more related to the late Betty than you or me.

There are so many stick-in-your-mind scenes from this week's episode — those moments you have to talk about afterward. Definitely one of them is when a distraught Jeremy calls home to confront his mom about separating from his dad. Wonder if Jeremy will find out about Denise's cheating ways to make matters worse? Well, wonder no more! You can watch the exclusive webisode below to find out. His story continues online in this video directed by "Army Wives" star Brian McNamara. Enjoy and stay tuned for more blog updates all week. (And a little exclusive tidbit for you: Next week's webisode will reveal more about how Jeremy feels about Denise and other issues from his past.)

What Was Your Favorite Moment Tonight?

Season 3 Premiere Plots

Talk about all things Season 3 premiere in the "Army Wives" Community with fellow fans now.


Ep. 18 Recap & "Army Wives" Season 2 Finale Preview

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 11:03pm GMT

Betty is given a proper farewell, Pamela has a "birds and the bees" talk with her daughter, Denise and Frank both cheat and the Holdens are off to Brussels for a new position with NATO.

What did you think of tonight's episode with all of its shocking twists and turns? Let your voice be heard here on the blog! Will Joan and Evan finally slug it out? Will Emmalin and Logan do something drastic to stay in the States?

Is Frank a hypocrite?

Watch a preview from next Sunday's all-new episode of "Army Wives," the Season 2 finale: