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Watch Dr. Jill Biden's PSA Video From Tonight's Episode

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 2:42pm GMT

Watch a PSA from Dr. Jill Biden, guest star on tonight's episode of "Army Wives," on the role we all can play in saluting our nation's military families:

For more information on how you can lend a supporting hand, visit serve.gov right away.

And tune in tonight at 10 pm et/pt to see our Second Lady's appearance on the show.

Who Is Pamela's Stalker, Anyway? Find Out Now!

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 5:12pm GMT

Who is Pamela's stalker, exactly? I'd love to know more about this mystery man's M.O. too, but at least I can help answer one question for you — the identity of the actor who plays him!

myLifetime.com member Brightstar861 posts, "Could someone please tell me who the actor is who played Tim? I know I've seen him before, and yes I'm glad that Pamela gave it to him too! Go Pamela!!"

Pamela's stalker, Tim, is played by actor Pablo Schreiber, half-brother of Tony Award–winning actor Liev Schreiber (whose fiancée, by the way, is the gorgeous and equally talented Naomi Watts).

Maybe we'll learn more about why Pamela became his target in the coming weeks on "Army Wives"?

Remember: An all-new episode of your favorite show returns on October 5 at 10 pm et/pt!