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Sally Pressman Prepares For Her Wedding!

Posted By LifetimeLisaR 10:38am GMT

As much as I'd love to share some Season 6 gossip with you all... I don't have any! Yet! But while we may have to wait just a little bit longer for scoop on Fort Marshall's fate, I can keep you updated on the going-on's of the "Army Wives" cast!

Although Season 5's wedding bells rang for this "Army Wives" actress's on-screen BFF, off-screen it's Sally Pressman's time to walk down the aisle. The star chatted with us about her wedding planning from the set of Season 5, and now her nuptials are just around the corner. From showers to dress fittings, we've been following Sally's wedding prep on Twitter, and now you can go behind the scenes of her exciting journey. Check out a video of Sally and celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson as the star talks about (and shows!) how she's getting in shape for the big day.

So this is how Roxy stays so fab and fit? Huge congratulations to Sally Pressman and her lucky soon-to-be-hubby!

Which "Army Wives" couple's wedding would you most want to attend? Share below!