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And the Winner Is...

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 10:40am GMT

Congratulations to the winner of our "Army Wives" Season 1 DVD giveway, myLifetime.com member kkeziah, and to our runner-up winners of the book that inspired the series, "Army Wives" by author Tanya Biank, members ahouston, kell0314 and WhitneyArellano!


We'll be giving away more goodies here on the blog soon, so keep checking back for the latest contest. Enjoy your prizes!


Announcing the Winner of the "Army Wives" Season 1 DVD Giveaway!

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 8:12pm GMT

I've been holding out on you all for far too long! I am now pleased to announce the winner of the "Army Wives" Season 1 DVD from those of you who entered here on the blog!

The winner of our giveaway is

Keep your eye out for our next blog giveaway soon where YOU can win the Season 1 DVD too. To hold you over with a much-needed dose of "Army Wives," why don't you watch a preview of a scene from this week's all new episode?



Looks like the Holdens are still struggling with the family fallout from Amanda's death. Can they get past this roadblock or will it constantly haunt them? Guess we'll find out this Sunday night!


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You Decide on Joan's Season 2 Makeover! Check Out Pics from Episode 2 of "Army Wives"!

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 12:10pm GMT

Which look is better: Joan pre- or post-makeover?

I've made no secret for my fondness of our weekly "You Decide" polls running on the "Army Wives" character pages, and this week's takes the cake!

So, have at it...Which look is better: Joan pre- or post-makeover?