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View New Photos From Season 5!

Posted By LifetimeLisaR 6:31pm GMT

Less than a month to go until Season 5 of "Army Wives" premieres Sunday, March 6 on Lifetime! Click through the image below to view more photos from Season 5, Episode 1.

Army Wives Season 5 Photos

Want more "Army Wives" Season 5 exclusives? View our behind-the-scenes videos, photos, interviews and more on the "Army Wives" Season 5 Straight From the Set Blog!


"Army Wives" Red Carpet Style Photos

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 1:05pm GMT

When the five leading ladies of "Army Wives" aren't on the set of Fort Marshall, they're hitting up the red carpet with fabulous looks!

Check out some of our favorite Kim Delaney, Sally Pressman, Brigid Brannagh, Wendy Davis and Catherine Bell "Army Wives" fashion moments through the years:

Vote on your favorite photos from their gallery and see red carpet shots of other celebrities, too.


Catch Up With the Wives: Denise

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 11:30am GMT

To rally for Season 4, we'll be showcasing a new video from each of the Wives. Catch up with Catherine Bell and her character Denise Sherwood:


Catch Up With the Wives: Pamela

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 1:36pm GMT

To rally for Season 4, we'll be showcasing a new video from each of the Wives. Catch up with Brigid Brannagh and her character Pamela Moran:


Brigid Brannagh Puckers Up for the Big Kiss on "Army Wives"

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 3:05pm GMT

Perhaps one of the most talked about scenes of "Army Wives" Season 2 was Pamela's girl-kiss with her journalist friend, Brenda.

Brigid Brannagh spills what her reaction was the first time she read the script and found out what was in store for her character Pamela:

Watch the full clip of one of the top 10 "Army Wives" moments of the season now:


"Army Wives"' Brigid Brannagh Hosts "Every Woman Counts" Salute

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 6:02pm GMT

"Every Woman Counts" salutes entrepreneur and philanthropist Bobbi Brown, hosted by "Army Wives" star Brigid Brannagh. Watch the clip now, and learn more about "Every Woman Counts":


"Army Wives Confidential" Video

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 5:57pm GMT

Check out the latest clips from "Army Wives Confidential."

Kim Delaney (Claudia Joy Holden) & Brian McNamara (Michael Holden) reveal the secretive nature of filming the opening episode of "Army Wives" Season 2:

Here's Brigid Brannagh's (Pamela Moran) take on it:

Don't forget to tune in Sundays at 10 pm et/pt for even more revealing moments from "Army Wives" Season 2.


Army Wives' Brigid Brannagh Gives Back to a Real-Life Army Wife

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 9:55pm GMT

Watch this clip of Brigid Brannagh, a.k.a. Pamela Moran, giving back to the Army community and one deserving Army wife in a special way, part of Army Wives Gives Back:


Who Is Pamela's Stalker, Anyway? Find Out Now!

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 5:12pm GMT

Who is Pamela's stalker, exactly? I'd love to know more about this mystery man's M.O. too, but at least I can help answer one question for you — the identity of the actor who plays him!

myLifetime.com member Brightstar861 posts, "Could someone please tell me who the actor is who played Tim? I know I've seen him before, and yes I'm glad that Pamela gave it to him too! Go Pamela!!"

Pamela's stalker, Tim, is played by actor Pablo Schreiber, half-brother of Tony Award–winning actor Liev Schreiber (whose fiancée, by the way, is the gorgeous and equally talented Naomi Watts).

Maybe we'll learn more about why Pamela became his target in the coming weeks on "Army Wives"?

Remember: An all-new episode of your favorite show returns on October 5 at 10 pm et/pt!


Ep: 14 Preview: Pamela Takes Control While Trevor Loses His

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 10:45am GMT

Is Trevor truly committed to getting his life back on track without the crutch of painkillers? Will Pamela take her stalker head on after he threatens her children's safety? Who's strong enough to tackle their tribulations head-on?

Watch a preview of this Sunday's all-new episode of "Army Wives":