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"Army Wives Confidential": Roxy Reopens the Hump Bar

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 10:41am GMT

Check out the latest clip from "Army Wives Confidential," where actress Sally Pressman (Roxy LeBlanc) reveals that her Blackberry sometimes serves as a cheat sheet script during rehearsals!

Should Roxy Have Reopened the Hump Bar?


Roxy Renames the Hump Bar? Find out This Sunday at 10 pm et/pt!

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 5:16pm GMT

Rumor has it that Roxy LeBlanc not only rebuilds the Hump Bar this Sunday on "Army Wives," but renames it too! (Yes, renames!)

What do you think she renames it? Go ahead and post your guesses here on the blog! I'll give one submission a copy of Tanya Biank's book "Army Wives!" (Click here for the rules.)

Post your guess now, and find out if Roxy christens the Hump with a new moniker this Sunday night at 10 pm et/pt!


It's a Rocky Road for Roxy LeBlanc This Week on "Army Wives"

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 4:44pm GMT

Here's a sneak peek of a scene from this week's all new episode of "Army Wives." Looks like rebuilding the Hump Bar may be biting off more than Roxy LeBlanc can chew:


Is Roxy fit for this big of a job with no experience under her belt other than bartending? Looks like we'll find out this Sunday night at 10 pm et/pt!


Shocking “Army Wives” Season 2 Premiere!

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 8:15pm GMT

If you've just finished watching the "Army Wives" Season 2 premiere (watch part one of the episode below), then your eyes are probably a little bit blurry while reading this because you've just been sobbing over the aftermath of the Hump Bar explosion. (I cried too while watching the show, if it makes you feel better.) Poor Claudia Joy and Michael, losing their eldest daughter. The final scene of the episode was simply heartbreaking and so memorable.

Here are a few of my other top show moments: Roxy watching deployed husband Trevor's emotional video, Pamela confessing her guilt over the now-deceased resident gossip Marilyn, the Joan–Roland reconnection in the hospital… Am I missing any? Tell me what you liked best!

Then after you dish on what happened in this week's show, I've got three suggestions for you:

1) Watch the premiere again! (It's just as good a second time.) See the first video installment above and then click here to watch the rest of the full episode of the Season 2 premiere of “Army Wives” online.

2) Click here to download one of the songs featured in the “Army Wives” premiere: “Nowhere to Now-here” by the Kin. It's free!

3) Stop back tomorrow for some late-breaking news about the “Army Wives” show and site.

See ya soon!

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Only Six Hours Till the “Army Wives” Season 2 Premiere!

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 9:55am GMT

Can you believe we've had to wait about nine and a half months for the return of “Army Wives”? But now we're now down to a mere six hours. (Translation: Only 21,600 seconds to go!) We’ll finally learn who makes it out of the Hump Bar okay and who is bidding us a final farewell. Catherine Bell let loose in a few interviews that someone unexpected who we've come to know and love is definitely going to be a victim of the soldier with explosives strapped to his chest. Now is the time to guess who you think it is!

Let's move on to happier subjects ... what are you looking most forward to this season? For me, it's more of Roxy's great comments. My personal favorite is, "Well, if I didn't just serve up toe jam on an idiot cracker." That was Roxy's response after accidentally saluting Trevor's superior, Frank Sherwood. Speaking of Frank, if he makes it out alive, I wonder how he'll feel about Denise flirting around with a hot doctor. Yes, it's true, at least according to Catherine Bell’s interview on tvguide.com. (We love that she shares with the public!) We'll give you the dish about the handsome actor who plays this doctor in an upcoming post. But you can watch the clip below.

Anyway, there isn’t much time, so serve up your predictions now. While you're at it, you’ll want to get the tissues ready, because you might need them while watching the premiere. And come back right after the premiere ends to talk about it and to see my latest post.

See ya soon!

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