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Episode 7 Reaction: "A Loss in the Family"

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 10:49am GMT

Many of you probably broke out the Kleenex during last night's emotional episode. If you missed it, catch up on Roxy and Trevor's trying time with this video clip and sound off on what happened in the show:


Catching Up With "Army Wives'" Drew Fuller

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 12:51pm GMT

"Army Wives" star Drew Fuller brings us up to speed on his character Trevor's highs and lows in Seasons 1 and 2, and thanks to his relationship with Roxy, he's looking forward to the new developments in Season 3:

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Drew Fuller & Terry Serpico of "Army Wives" Lend a Hand to the Red Cross

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 2:34pm GMT

Drew Fuller (Trevor LeBlanc) and Terry Serpico (Frank Sherwood) took a break from their roles on "Army Wives" to lend a hand to the American Red Cross recently. The "Army Wives" actors helped the Red Cross feed approximately 5,000 soldiers and their families at the deployment ceremony for the 30th Heavy Combat Brigade of the North Carolina National Guard in Fayetteville, NC on April 14.

Thanks to our friends at the American Red Cross, check out this video clip of Drew Fuller at the North Carolina National Guard and photos from their experience:

Drew Fuller & Terry Serpico of Army Wives Lend a Hand to the Red Cross


"Army Wives Confidential": Trevor, Less Than Perfect?

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 4:58pm GMT

"Army Wives" star Drew Fuller ventured into some serious method acting territory to help explore his character Trevor's darkest days.

Watch this clip from "Army Wives Confidential" to find out what he did to get into character, and far away from the light of "perfect" Trevor:


"Army Wives Confidential": Trevor Tackles Sandi's Advances

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 6:24pm GMT

Sally Pressman and Drew Fuller recount Trevor's unwanted advances from Roxy's sassy employee, Sandi, at Betty's in Season 2 of "Army Wives."

With all the cheating happening on Post lately, do you think it could ever happen in Trevor and Roxy's relationship?

Is Trevor the Cheating Type?


"Army Wives Confidential": Is Trevor a Hero? You Decide

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 5:31pm GMT

Is Trevor LeBlanc "hero" material? Actor Drew Fuller shares his thoughts on his character's accomplishments in the latest clip from "Army Wives Confidential."

Do You Think Trevor LeBlanc's a Hero?

Enjoy more of these behind-the-scenes clips Sundays at 10 pm et/pt during episodes of "Army Wives" Season 2.


"Army Wives"' Drew Fuller & Sally Pressman on Trevor's Season 2 Injury

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 5:52pm GMT

How difficult was it for the LeBlancs to film the scene where Trevor gets shot overseas? Find out what Sally Pressman and Drew Fuller's reactions were in this clip from "Army Wives Confidential":

Watch new behind-the-scenes clips Sundays at 10 pm et/pt during Season 2 episodes of "Army Wives," and find out what really went down on the set.

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"Army Wives" Sally Pressman & Drew Fuller: What's Your Sign?

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 6:28pm GMT

Ever wonder why the characters on "Army Wives" have such a cosmic connection? Perhaps it's the stars after all!

Read on for our first "Army Wives" couple horoscope. For your own forecast, including daily, weekly and career and money horoscopes, check out our Astrology section!

Sally & Drew (Roxy & Trevor LeBlanc)

Sally & Drew (Roxy & Trevor LeBlanc)

Sally: Pisces

Generous-to-a-fault, Pisces is the sign of sacrifice. The zodiac's fish will go to the end of the earth to care for the ones they love. At times this can leave them emotionally overwhelmed. When they reach their limit, they know how to draw the line like a five-star general. Hopeless romantics, their love lives read like a Harlequin novel. It's no surprise Roxy was proposed to by hubby Trevor on their second date, and made us all believe in love at first sight again.

Drew: Taurus

Like a bull charging for the red cape, Taurus focuses his sights on what he wants and heads straight for it. Ruled by romantic Venus, men born under this sign dream of marriage and family, and begin looking for a wife at a young age. They are dutiful, traditional, and great with kids. Without structure, however, they can become lazy (ever try waking up a sleeping bull?) and overindulgent, even struggling with addictions like Trevor's bout with prescription drugs.

Sally & Drew In Real Life: Pisces + Taurus

There's an easy, natural connection between Pisces (Sally) and Taurus (Drew). Whirlwind courtships are unlikely here. Their real-world relationship would likely blossom out of a friendship--possibly with one of them was comforting the other over a breakup. Though this attraction heats up slowly, it has the potential to burn brightly for years to come. Common interests--like building a family or home--will bind them together and keep them from falling back into "just friends" mode.


More Sally Pressman and Drew Fuller on Falalala Lifetime! Plus, Season 2 Relived!

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 9:24pm GMT

Can't get enough of Roxy and Trevor LeBlanc? Either can Lifetime! Here are two more clips of the hottest couple on post for Falalala Lifetime, our holiday movie month-long marathon:

By the way, our poll on Drew Fuller's new beard is in a dead heat! Half of you think his stubble is super sexy, and the other are still crazy about Drew's clean-shaven usual self. (Disagree? Vote now!) Will his new look make a cameo in Season 3? We'll see in 2009!

Don't forget: you can relive Season 2 all over again from the very beginning starting Sunday, January 18 at 10 pm et/pt! Happy holidays!


Season 2 Finale Scene: Trevor and Roxy Want Another Little LeBlanc?

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 3:23pm GMT

In this preview of a scene from tonight's big season finale at 10 pm et/pt, we see that Trevor may be interested in having another little LeBlanc with Roxy!

How cute would it be to see Finn and T.J. with a new brother or sister in the house . . . but is the family up to the challenge of raising another child, especially with Trevor's upcoming deployment and Roxy's busy schedule?

Should Roxy have a baby?

Don't forget to watch tonight, and remember to come back after the show to watch the full streaming video online and talk about the finale, only on myLifetime.com