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Countdown to Season 7: Spotlight on Pamela

Posted By kim_messina 10:00am GMT

Tough and outspoken, Pamela Moran (Brigid Brannagh) is the glue that keeps the wives together. A former Boston PD, Pamela came to Fort Marshall with her Delta Force husband Chase and became a full-time mother to their kids Katie and Lucas. In Season 1, one of Pamela's biggest challenges was that she was secretly a surrogate (with twins!) to earn $50,000 to get her family out of debt. In the first episode, Pamela goes into labor at Claudia Joy's tea party, exposing her secret—and subsequent financial situation—to the Wives. But the Wives kept mum, proving early on that their bond is unbreakable.

During the first few seasons, Chase was often absent because of his position as Delta Force. To help her cope and fill the void, Pamela got her own radio show "Have At It" in Season 2, but later quit because of a listener-turned-stalker. By the time Season 4 came along, Pamela had enough of Chase coming and going—even asking him to quit his job— so they divorced.

Pamela then went back to PD roots and got a job as a detective in Atlanta to provide for her family. By the end of Season 4, Chase's priorities shifted and he told Pamela that he was ready to quit Delta Force and become a family again. In Season 5, the pair remarried at the Hump Bar. At the end of the season, Chase received a job offer in California, which guaranteed more money than his and Pamela's salaries combined. Chase moved to The Golden State alone, but Pamela and the kids later joined him after their house got damaged by a hurricane.

View Pamela's best moments in photos:
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View New Photos From Season 5!

Posted By LifetimeLisaR 6:31pm GMT

Less than a month to go until Season 5 of "Army Wives" premieres Sunday, March 6 on Lifetime! Click through the image below to view more photos from Season 5, Episode 1.

Army Wives Season 5 Photos

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Is Pamela Ready to Date Again?

Posted By LifetimeLisaR 3:44pm GMT

The "Army Wives" home movies let us get a closer look at the characters we’ve grown so close to these past four seasons — and pretty much all of them leave us teary-eyed thinking about our own families and friends. But when Roxy gets behind the camera, things are, well, a little less predictable.

Tune in to one of the newest "Army Wives" home movies, below, where Roxy grills BFF Pamela about her big date (or was it?) with her partner Boone in last Sunday’s episode.

You guys saw Boone and Pamela (and if you missed it, watch Episode 13, "Army Strong," online here). Now that Pamela is single and ready to mingle — not to mention get over Chase! — what kind of guy do you think she should go for? Is Boone her type, or do you want her and Chase to reconcile?

Give us your dating advice for Pamela in the comments below, then visit the "Army Wives" video page for other home movies, full episodes, bonus scenes and more! And don't forget to tune in to an all-new "Army Wives" episode tonight on Lifetime at 10 pm et/pt.


See Chase Moran's Dream Log Video

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 1:11pm GMT

In the latest "Army Wives" home movie, Chase Moran (played by Jeremy Davidson), against his better judgment, records his first video log where he recaps his latest dream. What do you think his subconscious is telling him?


Catch Up With the Wives: Denise

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 11:30am GMT

To rally for Season 4, we'll be showcasing a new video from each of the Wives. Catch up with Catherine Bell and her character Denise Sherwood:


Catch Up With the Wives: Pamela

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 1:36pm GMT

To rally for Season 4, we'll be showcasing a new video from each of the Wives. Catch up with Brigid Brannagh and her character Pamela Moran:


Bam! Watch Our Mashup of the Best "Army Wives" Fights

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 11:28am GMT

Ex-cop Pamela is never one to take anything sitting down! Watch Mrs. Moran and other "Army Wives" characters like Joan and her Fort Marshall nemesis, Evan Connor, in their feistiest on-screen moments. Check out all the showdowns now.


Should You Ever Keep a Secret?

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 7:49pm GMT

What Chase seems to be telling Pamela these days now is not exactly the whole truth or any truth at all. It’s one thing to keep quiet about being taking captive because the Army doesn’t want you to divulge what happened. It’s another to lie about enjoying some target practice with your buddy because you don’t feel like being with the wife and kids. Chase added insult to injury by fibbing to Pamela that he was visiting a sick soldier pal in the hospital. He’s so cloak and dagger these days!

And Chase isn’t the only one who isn't coming clean. Roland didn’t mention that little Sarah Elizabeth was sick to Joan because she had just deployed. Since Joan couldn’t exactly get home to do anything about it, he figured why worry her when she needed to concentrate on her men and her mission.

This sounds like the same approach that Jeremy is taking these days. He’s hurting about losing his friend and fellow soldier more than anyone realizes, but is keeping it bottled up from his folks, especially proud papa Frank. He doesn’t want to disappoint dear old dad.

But as we can see what happened with the Morans, covering things up rarely works and things can get pretty ugly when secrets get exposed. This got us thinking about our weekly poll. It’s time for you to have at it and vote:

It’s Okay to Keep a Secret When ...

We’ll reveal the results in an upcoming newsletter. Be sure you check it out and if you’re got a take on this whole secret-keeping issue, please leave a comment below. We want to hear from you.


Have At It: Pam Versus Chase!

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 5:37pm GMT

In this week's episode, Chase comes home from serving his country and wants some say in what goes on in his home. Pamela wants to run things in the way she always does and needs to do in order to keep their house and children intact. Did you relate? Tell us. And weigh in on this week's poll:


Brigid Brannagh Puckers Up for the Big Kiss on "Army Wives"

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 3:05pm GMT

Perhaps one of the most talked about scenes of "Army Wives" Season 2 was Pamela's girl-kiss with her journalist friend, Brenda.

Brigid Brannagh spills what her reaction was the first time she read the script and found out what was in store for her character Pamela:

Watch the full clip of one of the top 10 "Army Wives" moments of the season now: