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Catherine Bell Talks "Army Wives" Season 5 Finale & "Last Man Standing"

Posted By LifetimeLisaR 5:10pm GMT

We all love her as sweet Denise Sherwood in “Army Wives,” but in her upcoming movie, “Last Man Standing,” premiering June 6 at 9/8c on Lifetime, Catherine Bell plays a woman concealing a dark past as a military-trained special-ops agent. We chatted with Catherine about going from “Army Wives” to action, doing serious stunts in her new flick and saying goodbye to her son Jeremy during Season 5 in the interview below!

What is it like going from playing an Army wife to playing an actual, former Marine — in "Last Man Standing"?
I love it! To me, in acting the most fun thing is mixing it up — going from playing a wife who started off being abused by her son and going through all of this emotional stuff, and then just going into full-on action mode and Special Ops, secret-agent stuff. Maybe next time I’ll get to do some sort of period piece or something completely different from all those things, you know?

What do you think Denise Sherwood and Abby, your character in “Last Man Standing,” would have to talk about if Abby were to hang out with the “Army Wives” crew?
(laughs) I think she’d probably have a lot to say! She obviously knows a lot about the military. More than anything, she’s a mom, she’s a wife, she’s a strong woman, and those are all things that seem to be very central to an Army or military spouse as well, so she might fit right in.

You do stunts in the movie “Last Man Standing,” and we know that Terry Serpico, who plays your husband Frank Sherwood on “Army Wives,” has a stunt background — did he give you any pointers?
That’s right, he does! No, he didn’t give me any pointers, but we did talk about it a little bit. He’s a real stuntman; I obviously had a stunt girl for some of the more dangerous things. I got to do a lot of it, but anytime there’s any risk involved, they let a professional do that sort of thing. My stunt girl was amazing. I don’t want to give anything away, but there was a cable rig that was attached to her chest that pulls her back and she gets knocked back. She actually flew back and hit her head on the concrete. If it was me, I would have been definitely down for the count, but she was amazing! She took a couple of minutes, shook it off, got up and was like, “Let’s do it again!”

What can we expect from the “Army Wives” finale? Is there a cliffhanger? What can you tell us without giving too much away?
That’s always a challenge! Well, every character is obviously going through so many things, you know … Roxy is running into her challenges with opening up her truck stop, and Denise and Tanya, Jeremy’s fiance, are getting closer and helping each other through the loss of Jeremy. But I think the big thing is that there’s huge, unexpected news that we all get as a group that — of course I can’t give away — but it really forces us all to take a look at where we’re going next in our lives and what’s the next step for each of us. Really, it’s a big shocker, and I guess it is a bit of a cliffhanger in that sense.

Have you seen scripts for next season yet?
Not yet! I think all of the writers — as they should be — are on vacation at the moment!

This past season of “Army Wives” was huge for Denise because she lost her son, Jeremy. How has it been filming without Bubba on set?
Oh man! I think one of the hardest things about filming those episodes was knowing that Bubba — Richard, we call him Bubba — was going away. I adore that man — I call him a man because he’s actually, like, 25, even though he plays 19. But yeah, such a sweetheart! He’s almost like a kid to me, like a real kid, he’s just a good, good person. He’s a Charleston boy, born and raised in Charleston! So we still see him and hang out. He takes my daughter Gemma fishing.

But man, we miss him! That final scene, the one with him in the coffin (watch the video above) — brutal! So hard to shoot, and we were all sobbing because we were saying goodbye to him and the character.

Read the rest of the interview with Catherine Bell here and tune in to "Last Man Standing" Monday, June 6 at 8/7c on Lifetime! Catherine Bell will be on Twitter (@reallycb) talking with fans for the first hour of the movie, starting at 8 pm et. And don't forget — there are still two more episodes left in "Army Wives" Season 5. Catch Episode 12 this Sunday night at 9/8c and flip through photos here.