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Get Ready for the Season 5 Finale!

Posted By LifetimeLisaR 3:38pm GMT

This Sunday is an extra special episode of "Army Wives" — that's right, it's time for the Season 5 Finale of "Army Wives"! This season has taken the fans along on an emotional journey of death, birth, new additions and major losses.

Preview: Season 5 Finale
So then what's coming up next for “Army Wives"? View the preview for the Season 5 Finale below, which promises change in the Fort Marshall families’ futures. When Michael admits he is “just wondering what the future holds,” we can’t help but agree! View now:

Season 5, Episode 12 Videos
If you missed Episode 12 or want to watch it again before this Sunday’s finale, watch the full Season 5, Episode 12 online here. Check out Holden family highlights from Episode 12 where Michael deals with an unexpected announcement from Emmalin and revealing his own bad news to Claudia Joy in the “Army Wives” video extra, “Confrontations” below:

What are you most looking forward to seeing in the Season 5 Finale? Share below!


"Army Wives" Returns This Sunday!

Posted By LifetimeLisaR 12:30pm GMT

There are only two more episodes left to go for “Army Wives” Season 5! Last Sunday, we didn’t have a new episode, but we will be returning to Fort Marshall this upcoming Sunday, June 5 for Episode 12 “Firefight.”

Preview: Season 5, Episode 12
When we last left “Army Wives,” we also ended on one of the ultimate cliffhangers of the season — and that’s saying a lot for a season that has had us on the edge of our seats all the way through! At the end of Episode 11, one of the Army Husbands found himself in a serious situation, with his fate in the hands of one of the Wives. Watch the preview for Episode 12 of “Army Wives” below and keep your eyes out for a returning character:

If you missed Episode 11 or just need a refresher before this Sunday, watch the full Season 5, Episode 11 online here. Plus, view video highlights of the Burtons’ newest family addition in the “Army Wives” video extra, “Unexpected Problem” below:

What is your favorite moment from "Army Wives" Season 5 so far? Comment below!


Brian McNamara on Directing Episode 10

Posted By LifetimeLisaR 6:12pm GMT

We may be most familiar with actor Brian McNamara as Major General Michael Holden on "Army Wives," but on last night's Season 5, Episode 10: Battle Buddies, the star was working behind the cameras as director. We have your backstage pass to Brian's "Army Wives" directorial debut along with other videos from Sunday's all-new episode below!

Brian McNamara On Directing
In this behind-the-scenes clip from Season 5, Episode 10 the "Army Wives" actor talks the art of talking to actors and more of the challenges he faced while in the director's chair. View Brian McNamara on Directing below:

Roxy's Marriage On The Rocks
On last week's "Army Wives," we watched In these highlights from Episode 10, Roxy struggles to save her marriage with Trevor after he reacts badly to the news about the truck stop... and Whit. Watch Roxy's Marriage on the Rocks below:

Missed Sunday's episode? Watch the full Season 5, Episode 10 online here.

What was your favorite moment from Episode 10 of "Army Wives"? What do you think about Roxy and Trevor? Joan and Roland's decision? Comment below!


Videos & More From "Army Wives" Episode 9

Posted By LifetimeLisaR 6:38pm GMT

Last night's "Army Wives" was the episode we, and the families at Fort Marshall, have been waiting for since the troops deployed back in Season 4. With the soldiers — including Michael, Trevor and some of Jeremy Sherwood's closest friends — returning, it became clear that they were bringing with them both joy and pain as months of unanswered questions and secrets came to the surface. Watch the full Season 5, Episode 9 online here and keep reading for videos and photos from the episode.

"Army Wives" Season 5, Episode 9: First Look Photos
Click on an image below to view the photos of the Fort Marshall coming home festivities released before Episode 9 aired:

Coming Home Clips From Episode 9
In these highlights from Episode 9, Trevor's homecoming is a happy surprise, but things get ugly when he finds out Roxy has been working with Finn's father, Whit. View "Coming Home" clips from Episode 9 below:

"Army Wives" Season 5, Episode 9 Coming Home Photos
We have exclusive, never-before-seen photos from last night's episode, including behind-the-scenes images and a closer look at the intimate moments between the Army Wives and Husbands. Flip through the Episode 9 Coming Home photo gallery below:

What was your favorite moment from Season 5, Episode 9 of "Army Wives"? What do you think is next for your favorite Army Couple?