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Sound Off: What Happened to Claudia Joy?

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Now that's a cliffhanger! [Spoiler Alert!] On last night's episode of "Army Wives," after what was thought to be a successful kidney transplant, Claudia Joy's fate quickly turned bad after she flatlined on the operating table, leaving fans guessing: will Claudia Joy survive?

"CJ just can't die. Please don't let her die. A lot of tears in their eyes in previews, but please don't let her die," user pachilds wrote. "Only me guessing but I think maybe CJ does die," user Penny Winter added.

All will be revealed when "Army Wives" returns on June 24 in its new time, 10/9c. Talk about the longest five weeks of our lives!

Sound off: what do you think will happen to Claudia Joy? Will she live or die?


New Episodes of "Army Wives" Start June 24!

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Rejoice, "Army Wives" fans! Just when you thought you were going to have to wait months for new episodes after this Sunday's jaw-dropping episode, it was just announced that "Army Wives" is returning on June 24! The series will be in a new time slot at 10/9c, and will immediately follow "Drop Dead Diva," which premieres on June 3.

Susan Lucci returns to "Army Wives" this Sunday when Claudia Joy prepares for her kidney transplant, putting the tribe, Michael, her family and Fort Marshall on edge as she braces for the high-risk procedure and the fight of her life. See photos from the episode here and watch the trailer here.

What do you think is going to happen on "Army Wives" this Sunday?


Get Secrets Straight From the Set!

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Attention "Army Wives" fanatics — want the real scoop on what goes on when the cameras aren't rolling? Want insider information and clues about what's ahead? Get all that and more by visiting the "Army Wives" Straight From the Set gallery and Straight From the Set blog! Straight From the set is your backstage pass to "Army Wives" and includes pictures from Season 6 and memories from Season 5, including secret shots from the set, your favorite actors behind-the-scenes, Guess the Dress and more!

What types of "Army Wives" set secrets would you like to read about?


Catch Up With the First Five Season 6 Episodes Online

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If you need to play "Army Wives" catch up — you're in luck! As a special thank you to our wonderful fans, you can now watch Season 6, Episodes 1-5 (yes, including last night's show!) online until Sunday.

Watch the ones you missed... or just watch 'em all again:
Episode 1: "Winds of War"
Episode 2: "Perchance to Dream"
Episode 3: "The Best of Friends"
Episode 4: "Learning Curve"
Episode 5: "True Colors"

What has been your favorite moment from "Army Wives" Season 6 so far?


Exclusive "Army Wives" Q&A With Craig Morgan

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We're not quite sure how we feel abut new Army Wife Jackie Clarke just yet, but when it comes to her choice in musical guests to serenade Fort Marshall, we have to give her a standing ovation! Country star Craig Morgan guest stars on Episode 4 of "Army Wives" this Sunday, marking his acting debut and performing at an event on the show. In an exclusive Q&A with the "Army Wives" Blog, Craig shares his own Army story with fans, spills which of the show's hubbies he'd switch places with and tells us which songs he's playing on Sunday's show.

I think the fans will be surprised to know how closely you actually relate to “Army Wives"! Tell us more about why you were such a perfect fit to guest star and perform on the show.
Craig Morgan:
I was in the Army active duty for over ten years, so I can relate to both the soldiers and the Army Wives in the show. I have my own "Army Wife" of 24 years at home… you just can’t undo that training! There is definitely a special dynamic among the military community and I think "Army Wives" does a good job of showing that while taking creative liberties in plotting the story line. The show does bring attention to the fact that there are families involved and affected by every decision our government makes regarding military action. It gives military families and veterans a show they can relate to and provides insight into life on post for civilians… with a bit of dramatic flair, of course! This was a perfect place for me to make my scripted acting debut and I'm incredibly proud to be part this episode.

Besides having lived the life, had you tuned in to "Army Wives" before?
I had definitely seen the show (even though I don't get to watch as much TV because of my tour schedule), but yes. My wife is a fan too, so she gives me updates. The ladies at my label were really excited about this appearance too. There are several HUGE fans of the show there and I hear a lot about it on the road from fans!

Our fans love behind-the-scenes stories — what was it like being on the set of “Army Wives”? Any funny stories from the set or were you nervous at all?
I wasn't really nervous because I was playing myself so I couldn't mess it up too bad. Plus, I've had plenty of experience being in front of the camera with my own show "Craig Morgan All Access Outdoors." I have to say that being on set with "Army Wives" was such a great experience. Everyone was so nice and great to work with — total pros!

One thing that I found funny was the boots; the ladies on the show have to stand around so much on the set and we were outside so the high heels had to come off during the down time. There was someone who would come and wipe off the heels. And I guess standing around in high heels is not so comfortable... I know I hear my wife complaining when we are standing on the red carpet for a long time!

How did you choose which songs to perform on “Army Wives” and why do you think the AW fans will love those particular tunes?
"This Ole Boy" is my current single on country radio and it really describes my life and just an everyday lifestyle. "Love Loves a Long Night" is my first "sexy song" and I think it was perfect for the story in this episode. It's a sultry song about love and how you never want the night to end when you're with your sweetheart.

If you could return to the show and create your dream character, who it would be? And if you got to take over for one of the Army Husbands — who would it be?
Well, since I’ve already been on the show as myself and I have talked with the Army about serving in some capacity again so I can officially retire out — I only lack three years or so — I could come back as myself reenlisting. That could be fun! Like the Craig Morgan character, but not! Then, since [one of the Army Wives] wanted to go to the concert so badly, I could do another concert so she can go, maybe even cause a little onscreen drama. Haha!

If I was taking over for one of the husbands on the show, I'd probably pick Frank Sherwood because he is a such a proud soldier and commanding leader… and Catherine Bell would be a nice perk! I’m so glad I have my own cool former Army wife!

Visit Craig Morgan's official site for more info about the country singer — and enter the Craig Morgan & "Army Wives" Sweepstakes to win CDs, an autographed guitar and "Army Wives" goodies!


Jeremy Sherwood Returns: "Bubba" Bryant Interview Part 2

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Richard "Bubba" Bryant is one of my favorite people that I've interviewed ever (ever)! He's funny, he let's his dog do some of the talkin' and he's — wouldn't ya know it? A total Charleston-born-and-bred Southern gentleman. Here is part two of his interview, where he answers more fan questions about fans, his jealousy issues (sorry, Erin!) and his return to school. And Jackson (the dog) even gets a bark or two in. Missed Part One? Find it here!

Lisa Raphael: So... do you still watch “Army Wives”?
No, I hate that show! [Laughs] I didn’t know that the episode was going to be coming on when it did or that they were going to do the back-to-back premiere! So I was going to have a big party for my episode (Episode 2) but I was watching with just me and two of my really good friends Tim and Joe — because I make them watch it anyways! We just watched [Episode 2] together and it was fun.

Well then, if you're still watching, I have to ask: do you get a little jealous when you see Tanya’s with a new love interest, like at the end of Season 5?
I picked up Erin and the actor they have for Tanya's love interest in the car, and the first thing I say to him is, “Oh so you’re the guy who’s hitting on my wife!” I was just messing with him but he’s a great actor and, of course, there’s a little bit of jealousy in there! But it’s cool that she’s moving on, that she’ll be dating this season. I mean, he’s a good looking guy, it makes me look even better.

The fans are happy that both Tanya and Erin stick around. It’s been almost a year since we last spoke. After all of this time, Facebook fan Amanda W. wonders what you miss most about "Army Wives" and being on set every week?
I miss being able to tell the stories I’ve been telling for so long, and to play a young solder. I’ve studied it for so long and been part of it for so long, I wish I could continue to tell that story. I know everybody in the writers' department think the same thing, they wish they could continue to tell that story but the fact of the matter is that that is the story. Jeremy Sherwood's story probably is one of the most important stories we could tell with me and my character.

I miss the routine, it’s so fun to come to work when you have such a tight family like that. I’m still around, I still get to see everyone and I play on all those little sport teams they have, like softball and all that stuff so I’m still around but I just don’t get to do the action. Acting is a sport that I continue to play all the time, but I’m not in the big stadium anymore. I’m at the little stadium. That's what I'm doing these days.

"Army Wives" Facebook friend Felicia K. asks: Do you feel like if you had your choice you would be back on the show, or are you happy to be moving on and doing something different?
That’s the million dollar question! At this point in my life, I didn’t expect to get a big job acting when I was as young as I was. I wanted to finish up college and then I got thrown into this life and I had to learn quick and just say all the right things at the right times and be in the right place when I didn’t even know what it was. I played my cards right and things worked out and it’s a fun industry, — I like it and everything but I’m picking up where I left off. I’m picking up with the education, I want to get a degree and I want to do something else. I’m very happy I am where I am right now: living in Charleston with my dog Jackson.

He made a cameo last interview, I don’t know if you remember!
He did make a cameo, I remember! He'll make a cameo this interview as well. I don’t get to spend as much time with him now that I’m in school and I’m playing shows at least twice a week and going to school fifteen hours. I do a lot more work these days than I did with "Army Wives"! He gives me the sad puppy eyes when I put my backpack on and everything.

I’m still auditioning, I’ll be around doing different things but I think Charleston is for me. L.A. and New York are fun, I love those places but I’m not at the point right now where I can live there and not be a waiter. I waited tables for too long, since I was like, 16 until 21. Five years of that made me not want to do that. I got a lot of people following what I do since being on "Army Wives" and everything but there's a whole world out there and I think I’ll be a better actor once I finish school. The stuff I learned from "Army Wives" was an education too. I’m not trying to brag, but I’m one of the smartest kids in my class and I’m a lot older than them. [Laughs]

What are you going to school for?
Well, right now I’m going to school for Business and Theatre, but that is subject to change.

Do you keep in touch with Katelyn Pippy (the actress who plays Emmalin Holden)? Because she’s in school too!
Yeah, I see her whenever she's around! I know she's killin' it, she's smart as hell. I remember when I first met her I thought she was 21-years-old and she was only like, 16-years-old. And she's a goalie there too, right?

Yes! Just like Emmalin! Jennifer P. and Debbie W. both ask how "Army Wives" has affected your day-to-day life — do you get recognized? Do people say “Oh my God, you’re Jeremy on 'Army Wives'!”? What about in school?
Yeah, in school it happens! I don’t really like to talk about it in class because people have different perceptions about fame and what it is and I feel like if I talk about it, someone might be like "oh, you’re bragging about it." But sometimes it will be halfway through the semester and girls will suddenly be like, [in high-pitched girl voice] “hey, you look like Jeremy from "Army Wives"!”

Is that what "Army Wives" groupies sound like?
[Laughs] It's just funny how I’ll go out on Friday and Saturday nights in Charleston and different people will come up to me and be like, [in Southern accent] "I know you from somewhere, I don’t know where I know you from, but I know you!" It's strange when that happens! Some people will be like, "oh you’re a friend of mine, are you friends with…?" I’m like, "no."

But then you have the guy who comes over and asks: [in low voice] "Are you that dude on "Army Wives"? Cool. Can my wife get a picture, dude?" It's always odd for me when that happens, but what's cool about it is, you know, I do theatre and stuff like that and you get applause from the audience, you know? So when people come up and talk about "Army Wives," it’s fun! And when I travel "Army Wives" fans from all over the place will ask for your autograph. I was at Mardi Gras last year and this guy who spoke just a little bit of English comes up to me with this Portuguese accent he’s like, "Jeremy!? 'Army Wives'?!" and took a picture of me with him and his buddies.

Read part one of Bubba's interview here and check the "Army Wives" Blog next week for part three and more of YOUR questions answered!


First Look: See Susan Lucci on Sunday's Show

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The guest stars keep comin' on "Army Wives" Season 6, and Sunday's episode is one we've been waiting ever-so-impatiently for since the first second the news broke that "All My Children" star Susan Lucci would appear on this season. The time is now... well, this Sunday at 9/8c, when Susan joins the cast and the Army Wives as someone that will offer Claudia Joy sage advice on her budding rivalry with Jackie Clarke (played by Kelli Williams).

Get a first look at the mini-"All My Children" reunion with pictures of Susan Lucci from Sunday's show here! Do you notice another new face in the "Army Wives" crowd? Episode 4 will also feature country star Craig Morgan's appearance and performance. Stay tuned to the "Army Wives" Blog for an exclusive Q&A with the musician about his time on the show and visit the Episode 4 Music Guide now to peek at what songs he'll be playing.

Watch a preview for "Army Wives" Season 6, Episode 4 here!

Who has been your favorite "Army Wives" guest star from Season 6? What about favorite guest star of ALL TIME? Share your answer below!


Jeremy Sherwood Returns: Richard "Bubba" Bryant Interview Part 1

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He was the son that all of us felt like we lost in Season 5. During his mother Denise's dream sequence during the "Army Wives" Season 6 Premiere event, we got to welcome back one fallen soldier and witness the "what could have been" about Jeremy Sherwood's life. The actor who played Jeremy, Richard "Bubba" Bryant is making another return — here to the "Army Wives" Blog! — to discuss coming back to the show, reuniting with the cast and getting a chance to play out Jeremy's future. Look for the three parts of Bubba's interview and enjoy part one below.

Lisa Raphael: When did you find out you (and Jeremy) were going to be back for Season 6?
We shot an episode in September, so right before we started filming, they told me in March that it was a possibility that I’d be in it and I was already in Charleston.

After leaving the show, I took time off, I went to L.A., I did New York and just figured out that I’m more of a Charleston boy, like a little city boy as opposed to big. So I was in the process of getting away from L.A. and New York and getting back from that whole rhythm and into the school thing and then they called me and they’re like “Would you be around?” And I’m like “of course, I’ll be around!” And then they called me like a week later and said, “Don’t shave your face.” I’m like, “Alright… I won’t shave my face.”

Did they tell you “We want you to come back from the dead and do a dream sequence?”
I had no idea. I didn’t really know what it was until a week before when we got the script. I found out that it was going to be a hurricane sequence.

Twitter fan Erika D. asks how it felt to be back on set with your “Army Wives” family?
It was home. I’ve been doing it for five or six years and it’s the life. I was sad about being away and when I got to come back, it was like just like I never stopped being on the show. Everybody was so nice and it was just fun. There was really no pressure. Those scenes came out beautiful. It was definitely one of the best times I’ve had.

Delanda M. wants to know: What was it like coming back to the show and having your own family too?
I don’t even have a girlfriend and kids are way down the line so having Erin pregnant with Jeremy’s child?! I have nephews but when I put myself in those shoes, wow!

It was fun to have little kids [around on set] and those kids were addressing me like an adult and I usually don’t get addressed like an adult, I’m still a kid! It was fun and I’m glad I got to go back and do one more time. I loved being on “Army Wives” and I will always be a part of it, they can call me any point in time. While the show continues, I still feel like I’m a part of it — it’s the big story. With Jeremy’s death, the story doesn’t stop. I live through the experience Jeremy was having. I would definitely like to come back again, but we’ll see. If the story calls for it, I’ll be there!

What a lot of the fans were curious about on Facebook and Twitter (like Laura, Jennifer and Roxanne, to name a few :) is how would you have liked to see Jeremy develop if he hadn’t been killed in action? The way they showed Jeremy’s future, is this the way you wanted his life to go?
Yeah, when I think of Jeremy and how he has developed on the show he’s not just that soldier who died. When I think of Jeremy, I put him into a broad category of what I’d like for all these kids who die in war; any type of future is good for him. Just to see the soldier that died living, and his life experiences after that, like him having kids and having a sister, I was glad that we got to show that to explain the audience how much life is lost.

I think what we saw is pretty much exactly what he would have done. Jeremy would have grown up to be a very successful architect. It was established very early on in the series that he was into architecture. Many military people are very goal-oriented and majority of the people that come out of the military make the country a lot better, they’re very driven Americans.

Probably Jeremy would have had another kid too, who knows? But, I thought it was good we got to show that. We got to show what would’ve happened for a fallen soldier so it’s not really what he does, but more what he would have done. We got to show him doing other things so people can put a face to what was lost.

Fans want to know if you are sad that you didn’t get the chance to do the whole wedding thing with Jeremy and Tanya. What was the part about Jeremy’s life being cut short that you’re most sad about you didn’t get to play on screen?
Well, we got to have a wedding with Pamela and Chase, but with Jeremy and Tanya it would have been a military wedding. I definitely would have liked to look all nice and all that stuff!

The thing I miss the most is the chemistry with Terry, Catherine and Erin, it was just spot-on. It’s a show you do for a long time, the ability to tell life stories gets easier and easier as time goes on. Having a child and being around Terry, Catherine and Erin, it would be cool to do that but there’s so much we could have delved into — but yeah, the wedding thing would have been fun.

Gizelle L. also brought up the fact that you two were going to be the first couple who were both in the military. How you think Jeremy and Tanya would have done with the whole military marriage?
I definitely think they would have had a great marriage, obviously a little strenuous, but Tanya and Jeremy were in the military together and they understand duty, what they’re going for, especially with him being a soldier and her being in the hospital, they complement each other quite well.

I think the same with people in the military who marry each other. My grandfather and my grandmother were both in the Navy and they got married when they got out and they had a perfect marriage.

Check the "Army Wives" Blog later this week for the rest of Jeremy's interview and leave your favorite Jeremy moment below!


Get a Glimpse of Kelli Williams on "Army Wives"!

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This Sunday marks "Army Wives" Season 6 guest star Kelli William's first episode. As we reported earlier on the blog, Kelli joins the cast as Jacqueline “Jackie” Clarke, the ambitious wife of the 2-star Major General Kevin Clarke, played by "Gossip Girl" actor Robert John Burke. The newest Fort Marshall couple are pictured to the left — view more Episode 3 pictures here!

Kelli Williams and Robert John Burke make their "Army Wives" debut this week on Episode 3, but stay tuned for more Season 6 guest stars, including Susan Lucci, Kellie Martin, Ryan Michelle Bathe, country artist Craig Morgan and more!

Watch a preview for the upcoming episode here!

Are you excited to see Kelli Williams on Season 6? Do you think she'll fall into the friend, enemy or frenemy category with the other Wives?


Sunday's 2-Hour Season Premiere Event

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Can you believe that "Army Wives" returns for Season 6 THIS Sunday on Lifetime?! It's worth the wait — especially for a two-hour season premiere event!

Season 6 storms back onto Lifetime this Sunday, March 4 with a two-hour block of back-to-back (all-new!!) episodes starting at 9 pm/8c. Get ready to see some serious changes to the tribe in Season 6. As the Army Wives and Husbands prepare to leave the recently decommissioned Fort Marshall and go their separate ways, one will be bidding a final farewell.

In the season premiere episode that you'll see this Sunday, Roxy is having a hard time adjusting to the idea of moving away from her close knit group of friends, especially Pamela. At the Holden household, Michael and Claudia Joy face a tough decision about their future. Despite the turmoil, Denise and Frank are planning a party for Molly's first birthday, which may be the last time the group gathers to celebrate a milestone. But when Joan gets word of a potentially deadly event that will descend on Fort Marshall, the tribe must do what they do best: band together and prepare for their lives to change in an instant.

Watch the Season 6 trailer and view a first look at Season 6 premiere pictures to prep for Sunday's premiere event.

"Coming Home" Season 2 will now return to Lifetime the following Sunday, March 11 at 10 pm/9c after "Army Wives."

We'll be Live Tweeting the two-hour event this Sunday — stay tuned to the "Army Wives" Blog for more details! What are you most excited to see on the two-hour Season 6 Premiere of "Army Wives"?