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"Army Wives" Embarks on Second Tour of Duty

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 11:37am GMT

Here’s a great article on “Army Wives” from the Associated Press I had to share. Why? Cause Catherine Bell spills the beans about what’s to come in the opening episode of season two! (Whoops.)

Don’t read on if you can’t stomach a spoiler! AP: "Army Wives" Embarks on Second Tour of Duty.

For those of you who are in the mood for just a taste of what's to come at Fort Marshall, watch the first four minutes of Episode 1, Season 2 of "Army Wives" now:

P.S. What do you think is going to happen this season on "Army Wives"? Bring on the predictions! I'll choose my favorite and share it in a future post here on the blog.


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"Army Wives" Recap: Season 1 Finale!

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 6:04pm GMT

I don't know about you, but I know I’m itching to find out what the heck happened at the Hump Bar in the Season 1 finale.

TV Guide is already calling it a "must-see of the week" and "totally worth the wait." (If you were wondering, Season 2 premieres Sunday, June 8 at 10 pm et/pt! Set your TiVos!)


Tune In to Catch Catherine Bell of Army Wives on TV!

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 1:53pm GMT

Catherine Bell of Army Wives

If you're a die-hard Denise Sherwood fan, look no further than your television set Monday morning on ABC!


"Army Wives" You Decide: Joan & Roland

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 6:35pm GMT

Army Wives' Joan & Roland: Together forever or destined for divorce? Have you spotted the "You Decide" polls we have running on the site? If not, make sure you let your voice be heard on our hot topics each week.

Welcome to Season 2 of "Army Wives"

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 11:01am GMT

And welcome to the inaugural post of the “Army Wives” blog, a salute to all things "Army Wives”! It’s the closest you can get to Fort Marshall without enlisting!

Watch the "Army Wives" Season 2 Trailer Now:

This is the only place where you’ll find the official word on your favorite military wives (and their families), so bookmark it and visit frequently and shamelessly — especially if you want to be first to get the buzz on show happenings. Here you can read exclusive interviews with some of the cast and crew of the TV show "Army Wives" (Sally Pressman, a.k.a. Roxy LeBlanc, is the first interview!). You’ll also get behind-the-scenes sneak peeks, show gossip and anything else they’ll let me reveal.

So here’s your first bit of insider news:

Season 2 of “Army Wives” begins Sunday, June 8, and will have 19 episodes in total. (If you recall, Season 1 had 13 episodes, so mathematics alone tells us that this year will be even better!) The day after each episode airs, myLifetime.com will feature the full streaming episode online so you can watch it all over again — or for the first time, if you missed it.

That’s not the only news: There’s a Season 1 recap so you can relive the entire season in just nine minutes, starting Sunday June 1. My advice: Begin with the recap and then move on to watching entire “Army Wives” episodes of Season 1 online, which will also be on the site starting June 1. I’ve been told that full episodes of Season 1 are only on myLifetime.com for two weeks, so as Pamela Moran would say: Have at it!

As the season progresses, I want to make sure you’re getting what you want on the blog, so tell me: What are you looking for? What do you want the scoop on? Which star are you dying to ask a question? Let me know and I’ll work on delivering it to you. So, don’t be shy ... leave a comment!

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