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Countdown to Season 7: Spotlight on Claudia Joy

Posted By kim_messina 10:00am GMT

Described as "sophisticated, strong and smart," for six seasons, Claudia Joy Holden (Kim Delaney) has been the heart of Fort Marshall. She's married to now Major General Michael Holden and has two daughters, Emmalin and Amanda. Amanda was tragically killed during a bombing at the Hump Bar in the Season 1 finale, just weeks after Claudia Joy was held hostage at the hospital by a mentally unstable soldier.

It was also revealed in Season 1 that because she got married to Michael, Claudia Joy never finished her law degree at Harvard. In Season 4, Claudia Joy returned to school, completed her degree and got a job at a Charleston law firm. She eventually quit the firm because her boss (and former law professor), Grant Chandler, disclosed that he had romantic feelings for her.

Claudia Joy has also had her fair share of health issues over the years. In Season 3, she was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. In Season 5 she discovered that she had an ovarian cyst, but it turned out to be non-cancerous. In Season 6, a doctor told Claudia Joy that she was having kidney failure and needed a transplant. Denise came to her rescue, donated one of her kidneys and just as the surgery was deemed successful, Claudia Joy went into cardiac arrest on the operating table. Luckily, the doctors were able to revive her.

View Claudia Joy's best moments in photos:
-Season 6, Episode 15: Tough Love
-Season 6, Episode 14: Fatal Reaction
-Season 5, Episode 11: Drop Zone
-Season 5, Episode 3: Movement to Contact
-Season 4, Episode 14: Be All You Can Be

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Countdown to Season 7: Spotlight on Roxy

Posted By kim_messina 10:00am GMT

Roxy LeBlanc (Sally Pressman) didn't have it easy on when she first arrived at Fort Marshall. After getting married to Sergaent Trevor LeBlanc after a four-day courtship, Roxy was initially seen as an outsider, but after befriending Claudia Joy, Roxy soon found a common ground with the other Wives.

With money problems at home, Roxy took a job as a waitress at the Hump Bar, eventually taking over as owner after former owner Betty passed away. However, Roxy's troubles didn't stop at the bank. Over the span of her life, she's had to deal with an abusive mother, lack of high school degree (eventually getting her GED), a miscarriage after conceiving her first child with Trevor and raising her two sons from previous relationships abusive ex-husband, Jesse, and ex-boyfriend, Whit, who came back into Roxy's life in Season 5.

When Trevor got deployed to Afghanistan, Roxy found herself growing close to Whit, even getting him a job as a contractor on a truck stop project. Although Roxy never acted upon her feelings, when Trevor returned home, tension grew between the couple. After finding peace, in Season 6, Roxy became an FGR leader and got pregnant with twins, Wyatt and Drew. In true Roxy-fashion, complications occurred during childbirth, and Drew's umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck, forcing Roxy to have an emergency c-section. Luckily after a few days in an incubator, Drew was able to join his family at home.

At the end of Season 6 with a teary-eyed goodbye, Roxy, Trevor and their family packed their bags and moved to Tacoma, WA.

View Roxy's best moments in pictures:
-Season 6, Episode 17: Hello Stranger
-Season 6, Episode 16: Battle Scars
-Season 6, Episode 5: True Colors
-Season 5, Episode 9: Countermeasures
-Season 5, Episode 8: Supporting Arms
-Season 4, Episode 12: Change of Station

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Brooke Shields Joins Season 7!

Posted By kim_messina 1:37pm GMT

Brooke ShieldsGet ready for a bigger (and better) Fort Marshall in Season 7! It was just announced that Brooke Shields is joining the new cast, which includes Jesse McCartney, Burgess Jenkins, Joshua Henry, Torrey DeVitto, Ashanti and Elle McLemore.

Brooke will portray brash and brilliant Air Force Colonel Katherine "Kat" Young. A crack C-17 pilot who can hold her own in the boys club atmosphere of the military, she’s hardly touched down in her new assignment at Joint Base Marshall Bring before she clashes with Army General Michael Holden (Brian McNamara). Never one to step away from a fight, Kat is a fierce advocate for the Air Force as she and Holden jockey for their respective branches at the highest levels of power on base. Only after their initial skirmishes does Holden learn of Kat’s tragic past, discovering they have more in common than he thought.

So what do you think? Who else would you like to see on Season 7?

Photos: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images


Torrey DeVitto and Ashanti Join the Cast!

Posted By kim_messina 11:49am GMT

A lot of rumors are circulating about the cast of Season 7 of "Army Wives," but we can confirm that there will be three new wives! "Pretty Little Liars" stars Torrey DeVitto will play Maggie Hall, an Army wife/truck driver (and former soldier) who is married to a staff sergeant. Maggie has a 10-year-old son and a 14-year-old daughter.

In addition, singer-songwriter Ashanti will join the cast as Latasha Durant, a strict mother of three whose main goal is to get as much fun as possible out of life...while keeping her kids and husband in line.

Finally, Broadway star Elle McLemore ("Bring It On: The Musical") comes to Fort Marshall as newlywed Holly Gordon, a sweet farm girl who is desperately homesick.

The seventh season of "Army Wives" will kick off in 2013.

Photos: Kevin Winter/Getty Images; Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images Jumpstart


Tune-In Alert: "Army Wives" Mini-Marathon on LMN!

Posted By kim_messina 1:53pm GMT

Army Wives Season 5 LMN Mini-Marathon It's time to take a walk down memory lane! On Saturday, November 3, beginning at 8/7c, LMN will be airing Season 5 episodes of "Army Wives" back-to-back. Starting with the Season 5 premiere, the episodes include: "Line of Departure," "Command Presence," "Movement to Contact" and "On Behalf of a Grateful Nation."

Season 7 of "Army Wives" premieres in 2013 on Lifetime.


"Army Wives" Renewed for Season 7!

Posted By kim_messina 1:20pm GMT

Rejoice "Army Wives" fans — the show is coming back for lucky season number 7! The show was just renewed for 13 episodes set to air in 2013. "Army Wives is a very special program," Rob Sharenow, Executive Vice President, Programming, of Lifetime Networks says. "It’s rare to find a series that connects with viewers and resonates so powerfully after six straight seasons, and we couldn’t be prouder to have it return to Lifetime next year."

Keep checking the official "Army Wives" blog for more breaking Season 7 news!

In your dream world, what would happen on Season 7?


Celebrate the Season Finale with a Sweeps and More!

Posted By kim_messina 2:08pm GMT

We’re celebrating the "Army Wives" season finale (taking place THIS SUNDAY at 10/9c on Lifetime) with a four-day Twitter sweepstakes and more!

To enter for a chance to win an "Army Wives" prize pack, complete with two DVD sets and the very book that inspired the series, follow @ArmyWives on Twitter and get ready to tweet about your favorite moments (as directed each day by @ArmyWives). Here are more details on when and how you can enter for a chance to win (more info in the official rules).

Share Your Favorite "Army Wives" Moments!
Beginning Thursday, September 6 at 2:30 pm ET, we’ll invite you to share your favorite "Army Wives" moments with us for a chance to win an "Army Wives" prize pack ! To participate, follow @ArmyWives and use the special hashtag as directed by @ArmyWives when responding (sweeps runs daily; check official rules for times and more details).

Test Your Knowledge in "Army Wives" Trivia!
Beginning Sunday, September 9 at 9 pm ET, we’ll be hosting a special "Army Wives" trivia session to help you prep for the season finale! To flex your mental muscles (and enter for a chance to win one of two "Army Wives" prize packs), follow @ArmyWives for the questions and use the special hashtag #ArmyWivesTrivia when answering (sweeps runs until 11 pm ET).

Live Tweet With the "Army Wives" Stars!
Beginning Sunday, September 9 at 10 pm ET, actors Sally Pressman (@SallyPressman), Wendy Davis (@wendyDofficial) and JJ Soria (@JJSoria) will be tweeting with us. Make sure to follow their Twitter handles and use the hashtag #ArmyWives to stay in the convo!

Good luck, and don’t forget to tune in for the season finale Sunday, September 9 at 10/9c on Lifetime!


Tune-In Alert: "Army Wives" Mini-Marathon on LMN!

Posted By kim_messina 11:05am GMT

Missed the past few episodes of "Army Wives"? No worries — on Saturday, August 25, beginning at 8/7c, LMN will be airing the past four episodes of "Army Wives" back-to-back. The episodes include: "Baby Steps," "Centennial," "The War at Home" and "Handicap".

There's only two new episodes left of Season 6, so make sure you tune-in to get all the scoop on what's going on at Fort Marshall. New episodes of "Army Wives" airs on Sundays at 10/9c on Lifetime.

What has been your favorite episode of "Army Wives" Season 6?


Tune-In Alert: "Army Wives" Mini-Marathon on Lifetime!

Posted By kim_messina 11:16am GMT

Starting this Sunday, June 24, "Army Wives" is back in full force — and that includes a mini-marathon on June 25! Beginning at 4/3c Lifetime will be airing five Season 6 episode back-to-back. The episodes include: "After Action Report," "Fallout," "Blood Relative," "General Complications" and "Fatal Reaction."

"Army Wives" regularly airs on Sundays at 10/9c.

Are you going to watch the "Army Wives" mini-marathon?


Tune-In Alert: "Army Wives" Marathon on LMN!

Posted By kim_messina 12:38pm GMT

Going crazy waiting for new episodes of "Army Wives" to start on June 24? Luckily, you won't have to wait until then to get your fill! Lifetime Movie Network (LMN) will be airing Season 6 episodes of "Army Wives" on Saturday nights starting June 9. The schedule is as follows:

June 9, starting at 6/5c: "Army Wives" Season 6 episodes 1-6
June 16, starting at 7/6c: "Army Wives" Season 6 episodes 7-11
June 23, starting at 10/9c: "Army Wives" Season 6 episodes 12-13

And once you catch up on the first 13 episodes of Season 6, make sure to tune to the premiere of Episode 14 on June 24 at 10/9c on Lifetime.

What's been your favorite episode of Season 6 so far?